The Death Cure I¦|¦I RolePlay/StoryGame I¦|¦I Sign-Ups CLOSED


@Kale Didn’t you forget to add him to the spots? Just asking because you mentioned you have still some places left.


Right, thanks for reminding me! I probably wrote but forgot to save because I remember writing it :confused:


We have no free spots now, only who is tagged in the first post (beside the gender) just needs to make their characters and then we can start :+1:


Hey everyone!
Here is just a reminder to make your characters - we want to start this as soon as possible, right? Once we get 10 characters (now we have 6) we can start RPing and others will join later. I would like people to make males first, since we have 4 females and 2 males.

Let me know if you’re not interested anymore.


I can do mine in about an hour


Okay, thanks!


I just sent in my form, hope I wasn’t too late


No, of course not


Only 3 characters more and we can start! Yay! :blush:


I need to make mine, anyone else left??


Here is what everyone reserved. But, I said only 3 characters more so we can start. You can make characters after we start.


Here’s a reminder for everyone who reserved!

@YassineCool (1F, 1M), @ScarletSwanHunter (2F), @HermanEpisode(M), @Surface_Hyena57(M), @fal.renet1398 (M)


I thought I already signed up my character


I thought I already signed up my character? Did I not?




Same here??


@LorethA and @Daisy_Flower1, right, sorry! I was just copying the post and forgot some people did sign up. For others, you haven’t yet!


Another reminder! Sorry for the confusion with the last one :disappointed:
@YassineCool (1F, 1M), @ScarletSwanHunter (2F), @HermanEpisode(M), @Surface_Hyena57(M), @fal.renet1398 (M)


I’m going to drop sorry


I’ll make my character as soon as I’m able to