The Debate Game

The Debate Game
The rules are simple pick a random/silly/crazy word and a person has to come up with a reason it’s good or bad depending on what the person ahead said.
Ex: Pizza is good
User: pizza is terrible because…(says explanation) The new topic is owls.
THE TOPIC IS: Butterflies are disgusting to eat.
(I randomly came up with the game so if anyone has a game similar to this I did not steal it)
Have Fun!!!

Drawing on paper is better than drawing on digital because there’s more details.
Ice cream is disgusting to orgres

Ogres have horrible taste.

Reading is the best thing anyone can do.

readings bad because movies are better

apple is the best phone company

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Apple phones break easily

Food is cool

no one can disagree with that

snakes are cool



Snakes can kill

Sleep is tiring

sleep makes u hyper

XXXTENTACION is a great rapper (r.i.p :sob:)

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Drake is better than XXXTENTACION (even though I disagree, but it’s the debate game)

Raindeers are better than people

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people can speak so the are beer than reindeer

triangle is better than a square

Squares are better then triangles cuz all sides have at least one friend.

Dogs are better than cats (I genuinely believe that and bc of news reports I DARE you to prove me wrong!!!)

bahahahaha cats are calm

episodes better than choices

choices give you choices and episode gives you episodes :joy::joy::joy:

Brothers are annoying (I dare anyone to prove me wrong)

Brothers are protectives +life is strange

Frogs arer ugly,

life is wonderful

girls are mean (prove me wrong lol)

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Your mom is a girl. >:)

Butts are ugly

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Butts are normal (and you have a butt so you’re calling yourself ugly)

Fantasy books are than Romantic books

Romantic books are better bc they’re…heartwarminger than fantasies…? LOL X,'D

Fantasy gives you imagination

Zombies are more heartwarming than E.T

What is E.T.?

Life is dead.