The Debate Game


If live forever you’ll see all your loved ones die one by one, but you’re still living.

normal cameras are better than drones


Not really, you can bring a drone anywhere.

Flying powers is better than invisibility


Invisibility allows you to hide or escape without effort, whether from embarrassment, pranking…etc

DC is better than Marvel


Come on, now I’ll have to research…
Marvel is better than DC because DC is older

Donuts are better with bueno filling


Filling is nasty

Pizza is better than everything


Everything is better than pizza cause pizza’s just a food you can live without it

Sugar is better than salt


Salt is better because you can get cavities by eating too much sugar

Pineapple on pizza is a huge no-no… the other toppings are way better


Noo!! Pineapple is the best topping to put on pizza! It makes the pizza taste so sweet!!!

Soft pretzels are the best!


Hard pretzels are better because they crunch

Episode interactive is better than episode forums


Episode forums is way better because you can play fun games.

Music nowadays sucks.


Noooooooo I love music nowadays but I also love throwback songs sm

Math is the worst subject