The Demi Lovato: Path to fame question

This quite old featured story is a favourite of mine, probably the only one I spend gems on.
I’m having a poblem with it, however.

Did Episode get rid of the pop ups at the top of the screen? Because mine don’t show up at all. Also, I spend diamonds for every gem choice. However I don’t have that many ‘fans’.

What do you guys think of his story?


I do like this story (better than many other featured stories, like recent ones). But I’m having the same problem too, and it makes it hard to tell my progress of friendship, love, and fan points. I couldn’t take not knowing why the pop-ups weren’t showing up, so I just stopped reading the story.


I relate. And I may stop reading it too. ,:thinking:

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Awww this was my first story.
But yes, I believe they got rid of it.

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