The Devil Twins! (Art thread)


Welcome to The Devil Twin’s Art thread. We would like to welcome you to our Offical Thread! We’ve been thinking about this for weeks and we choose to open it up to the public!
Aka Grand opening! The only person you would request from other than me on this thread is @Circe_dreamteam





Profile Pictures

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  • Please Don’t Request No where else!
  • You must credit the Twins @DevilTwins
  • Do not steal out work!
  • Please Full our the form!


What would you like:
Any characters?
Specific outfit:
Specific hairstyle:
Any text:
Will you credit us?
Any wording?
Who would you like to request from?

When the shop is closed?!

If there’s anything wrong please tell us! :grin:


Yay woohoo!


Sorry, Please Fill out the form listed above! :sweat_smile:


Hey I need help with a profile picture…


@Circe_dreamteam Can answer that!


Okay thanks💜



Fill out the form


Okay just wait a minute…


Hi! I’d like to request a pfp because I’m really tired of seeing mine (even though it’s only been a day)

Please the shirt to something winter like a sweater. And can you put a beanie on there?
Hair Style:
If you could find a custom short hairstyle then, by all means, do it!
Hmmmmmmmm… idk. Probably something like my pfp now.
I will credit you.
Idk the difference between wording and text.
@Dandelion_Queen, I love your art. Please do my request. Thank you!


Name: Anastasia
Skin Tone: Tan
Eyebrows: Seductive Arch
Hairstyle: Staight
Hair colour: Fawn
Eyes: Upturned Bold and colour Brown
Face: Oval
Nose: Elven
Lips:Full round and colour taupe


Wow, your art is gorgeous!


Both of ours! :heart_eyes:
Me and @Circe_dreamteam


Is that all you wanted or I missed something?


You didn’t miss anything!


Just to know I just started writing a story and I am sure it will take me a lot time cause I have school etc but I PROMISE I will credit you!!!


Do you want us as an overlay? What position? Background?




Is there anyone in specific you want to do your request?


I would like if she had a flower on her hair!I don’t have a specific background or pose so do your magic and add what ever you want!<3 Also can you text me your Instagram and episode accounts so that I can credit and follow you!