The Diamond Epidemic

So, I only watch stories made by the community because of the diamond issue in Episode stories. So, there are about 3-5 diamond options in each episode. They cost close to 20 diamonds each option, but you only got a single diamond when you complete the episode. I suggest Episode either make them cost significantly less or make diamond options less common, or give us more diamonds when completing a story (It’d be cool to get them from community-made stories, too).

And while on the topic of Episode-made stories, can they revise the rules or at very least follow them?
Sorry for the rant but have a nice day <3
TL;DR: The diamond system needs to be revised.


Support lol

nah they want your money they are more gredy than EA. thought to be fair show me a free to play app there are not


I’m with you :100:% on this one. I never read the episode made stories either anymore. Back in the old days, I’m sorry to say I read some of them.
I’ve tried one once or twice, when a stories description has really caught my eye, but never gotten passed the first chapter because of getting pissed at the first gem-choice.
The way they use gems are ridiculous . I mean paying gems for choices that’s obvious, or to pay 20 gems for a hairstyle just because it’s cooler or for an outfit that I’ll only use once for one scene, that’s absurd.
If they only used them for things that has a meaning but doesn’t effect the storyline to much - like hidden scenes or bonus content - or at least didn’t rob you blind every time, I could go with it. But the way it is today - not a chance I’m supporting any original episode made story.

For the content, all I can say is that the oroginal stories always has seemed to go by a different set of rules than the community ones.
Mostly I would like for Episode to stop hugging all the really good stuff - animations, clothes, backgrounds. overlays etc - for gem choices, that could be used to make the community stories even better. It just makes me so sad to even think about. :disappointed:


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