The Different Languages Music Thread

Hey, this is a thread to post a video link from YouTube of a musical video (or lyrics or just an image) of a song that you love HOWEVER there’s a twist on this. It can NOT be in English. It has to be in a different language. Post the video and mention what language it’s in. Other people can listen to it and comment on it if they want, although no spamming or going off-topic :musical_note: So, feel free to leave your thoughts about what you thought of the music ^^

SO have fun! :musical_score:

Also, if this is a duplicate, let me know and if it’s in the wrong category, sorry :sweat_smile:


Hopefully you can find a new, cool beat to dance to :sunglasses:


Name of Song: Tera Yaar Bolda

Singer: Surjit Bindrakhia (you’re a king) :cry:

Language: Punjabi


A national Icon: Poi E
Language: Maori
Who likes this: Everyone and their Mum in NZ :joy:


Name of Song: Munda Apne Viah De Vich Nachda

Singer: Balkar Sidhu

Language: Punjabi

This one is a classic wedding song ^^

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Name of Song: Jine Mera Dil Lutiya (spelling varies)

Singer: Jazzy B

Language: Punjabi (there’s some English, sorry, but like 90% of it is in Punjabi) :sweat_drops:

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Name of Song: Phone

Singer: Mickey Singh

Language: Punjabi

OK, I’ll end it here today and give others a chance :sweat_smile:

This song is more popular with the modern people, I prefer classics over this LOL :laughing:


It’s pretty catchy :smile:


Right!? hahahaha :joy:


Ok, I know I said I’d end it here but I have other cool ones and can’t wait to post them :sweat_smile:

Here I go:

Singer: Jenna Lee
Song: US Boy
Language: French


Singer: TAL
Song: Rien n’est parfait
Language: French

I’ll post more later :wink:


Now this is catchy!


Artist: Död Mark
Song: Benzo
Language: Swedish! :slight_smile:
This is one of my favorite bands :blush:

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Thanks :sunglasses:

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Artist: She Past Away
Song: Rituel
Language: Turkish
Some solid post-punk/darkwave for anyone who’s into that. Or even if you’re not normally, it’s still a bop. :man_shrugging:

Artist: Einstürzende Neubauten
Song: Stella Maris
Language: German
This isn’t as heavy as their usual stuff (most of this band’s work is classic industrial, but this song is more of a pop ballad, if I had to classify it), but the song and video are both beautiful.

Artist: Dir en Grey
Song: The Final
Language: Japanese (parts of this specific song are in English, though)
(Just a heads up for anyone who pays attention to the lyrics: this song in particular is about suicide. Thought I’d give a warning just in case.) Throwback to my emo phase when I was really into this band. I still like them, since it’s still good metal, but not as much.

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Pull Up Game Strong

Artist: SBMG
Title: Pull Up Game Strong
Language: Dutch (a few English words and Dutch words we use on the streets)

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Hello, read this:

The music can’t be in English. It’s fine if you post a song in a different language that has some English though. So, the song needs to contain lyrics from a different language.

Singer: Daddy Yankee, and Luis Fonsi

Song: Despacito

Language: Spanish


Thank you for listening.



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