The Disappearances ~Official Thread~


This is based off the book.

You live in Sterling, one of the three towns affected by The Disappearances. Every seven years something goes missing-reflections, scents, the stars, the ability to dream, the colours of pens, pencils and paints. There is no way to stop the disappearances but there are variants that can temporarily give you back something which you lost. You will be role playing as a student or teacher in a boarding school in Sterling.

Welcome to Sterling Boarding School. We welcome you all back after the summer holidays. The last Disappearance was just under 7 years ago-the next Dissapearance is due soon.

Students and Teachers will start off in the main hall. You have all arrived. There are boards with your room arrangements on them for the future year. Teachers can either go home or have a house in the campus grounds.

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Happy RPing! Please abide by my rules! They can be found in the Extra Info Power Point.


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I look around the hall. I walk over to the board with our dorm arrangements on it. I am a girl named Monica Kane. I hope that she is nice…and not too talkative.
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I love the start of a new school year. There are always so many new faces and new future friends. I haven’t had much to do over the summer. I mean apart from trying out the variants because I am now of age.
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I walk over to the board. I am dorm mates with Annorny Streeter. I hope that she is nice. I can’t wait to start learning!
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I pushed aside a red curl, as I sighed. My bookbag was heavy, and I already wished the day was over. I tried not to pay attention to the people around me, hoping no one would try to talk to me.

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Karyeen @RyRydoezepisode (mentioned) APPROACHABLE
I walk down the halls of this new school in attending. My moms making me go—so it’s not like I have any choice. I get to a board that has all our dorm mates. I skim through until I get to my name. Some girl named Rylie Rowen. I groan and start walking towards the dorm with my bags.

Jade @K_mren (mentioned) APPROACHABLE
I walk down a hall laughing. I was talking with some teacher, and he seemed nice enough. I get to some board where kids were crowding around. I’m tall, so that’s to issue. I skin through until I get to my name. Some kid named Kansas. I get my bags, and begin heading to my dorms.


Gabrielle Silverleaf

She grabbed her backpack, and walked to the dorm arrangements. “Oh, I’m with… Genevieve…” Gabi spoke. Gabrielle smiled, and walked over to the dorms. She was happy!

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I take a sip of my coffee as I head down to the dorms. Got here earlier than most people so I didn’t have to talk to anyone; so I got the chance to see the dorm mates without anyone crowding around it. I get to my dorm, and bring my rolling bag inside. There is some boy—looks like the popular athlete type. D*mmit.
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Jade @K_mren
I get to my dorm passing by a few kids that I’m pretty sure I talked to before. As I get to my dorm I just sling my duffle bag in the first bed I see, and start putting posters on the wall. But a boy walks in. “Your Kansas?” I say as the boy walks in. He seems quiet. And not to much of a pushover. But—we’ll see.


I nod to the boys question. I walk inside, my heart thumping quickly, and I put my luggage on the floor, and I crouch down to unpack.


I finish with what I am doing—and say; “I’m going.” To the boy. Before he can reply, I walk out of the room. That guy is my roommate? Can he even talk?


I walked down the hall, adjusting the strap of my backpack. I was wearing the school uniform. I blinked my blue eyes, as I waited for someone to talk to me. Hopefully I won’t be alone…


I get to my dorm, and put my bag down. So far, nothing out of the ordinary has happened. But that’s considering the norm for me is walls changing colors and people’s faces melting. I sit down in the closest bed and groan.


I walk down the hall absentmindedly. I yawn, closing my eyes—but of course, I bump into a girl. We both tumble over, and I hit my head.


I stood up, brushing off my clothes. “I’m so sorry! I was supposed to go left, but ummm; never mind.” I said, offering my hand to him. @C_ssie


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“Honestly, it’s okay.” I say as I stand up. I brush of my jeans, and my jacket. “The question is are you okay? You hit your head pretty hard.”


I shrugged. “It happens.” I said, causally. “I’m Freya.” I said, with a smile. @C_ssie


Genevieve Bryson

She sat down on the dorm couch, and sighed. She saw some girl. “You must be… Gabrielle?” Genevieve spoke. She wasn’t in her Uniform now she was in this. She sighed. “Come on, let’s watch some Netflix and eat poptarts.” She laughed.



“Jade.” I say. “And sorry again. Was just a bit irritated.” At my room mate… should I say that? No. Better not.


~ Phila ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ //// ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Approachable ~

Phila walks into the main hall, bags in hand- suitcase dragged along by his side. He wasn’t sure of where to go or what to do. This wasn’t his first year at the school, but with all the new faces he felt like it was. He walks around, recalling from memory of where he use to silently read during his breaks, but can only recall the times he snook out of his dorms to parkour around the school. He walks to his door, and sees his roommate this year is someone called Jack Green according to the board. Interesting, he was glad that he no longer had the rock-star wanna-be roommate he had prior. Phila drops his bags in his room, and decides he should get food before anyone else, and heads that way.

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