The Disappearances ~Official Thread~


Monica Kane
“Nolan, I swear to The Almighty above if you try to make this school year hell-ish for me…” I glare at my foster bro out of the corner. My dormmate is supposed to be some person named Emma Wilson. Hmm…classy name. “…I shall throw you off a cliff.” I stopped, turned around and looked him dead in the eye like some ridiculous James Bond wannabe. Yup, I was being dramatic. He just put his hands up in a ‘okay tiger, I understood’ way. I turned back and walked off to my dorm, rolling my eyes and muttering under my breath.
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Nolan Kane
After my adopted sister made her fearsome exit, I stopped and stood and looked around for a while. My dormmate’s name is Luis Mangoli. I hope that he would be cool and we could be nice friends too.
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~ Luis ‘Lui’ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lui steps into his room, and sees someone is already there, “Uh- H-Hi, m-my name is-s Lui. Aa-re you m-my dormmate?” Lui tried not to stutter, but meeting someone new always had made him nervous.

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Liam French

I arrived at school excited for the year ahead. I walked around the school to my dorm. On my way I noticed a few familiar faces but was excited to meet more people. I entered my dorm to see my roommate already here. “Oh, hi.” I say heading towards him holding out my hand for him to shake.


Noah French

I was not ready for school. Other then seeing my friends and hooking up with girls I was not looking forward to it. I carried my bags and headed to my room. I walked up there and slumped down onto my bed throwing my stuff on the floor. I wondered who my new roommate was. I didn’t bother to check so it was now going to be a surprise. Let’s just hope it isn’t some dork.

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Daisy Miller

I walked through the school and up to my dorm. I stood out the front of the door to my dorm and leant down to Buddy. I looked at him. “Let’s hope this year I see better than the last.” I said with a smile before pressing a kiss to his head. I opened the door bracing myself for whoever my roommate was. I stepped through and Buddy immediately recognised the scent of another dog. I was happy that he would have a friend to play with. I walked over the the other girls room. “Hello. I’m Daisy.” I say with a smile.



Connor White

Held out his hand to shake Liam’s. “you must be Liam I’m Connor.” He said with a smile as he went back to unpacking his stuff. “It’s gonna be a great year!”



Nolan Kane
I was kinda perplexed when I saw the stuttering boy, but decided to shrug it off. “Seems so.” He approached him and forwarded his hand, “Nice to meet you, Lui.



Liam French

“It’s nice to meet you.” I said with smile before letting go of his hand. “I hope it is.” I say slowly dropping my stuff on the ground near the doorway. It was too heavy to carry anymore. My bags were filled with books and surprisingly were very, very heavy.



I look up and see my roommate introduce herself. “I’m Lyla, and this is my service dog Willow” I point to Willow as she sits up.



~ Luis ‘Lui’ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ //// ~ ~ ~ ~ with Nolan AS007 ~

“It’s N-Nolan right?” Lui enters the room and searches around for his bed, “Is this m-mine?” He places his stuff on his bed. Lui was almost positive this was his bed, and Nolan had claimed the other, but there is always that small chance he could be wrong. “H-Have you exp-plored the school yet? I’ve h-heard it’s really enourmous. I’m w-worried I might get lost. D-Do you think they have a m-map?”



I brushed a piece of my white-blond hair aside. “Where is it…” I muttered to myself. I pushed aside the boxes I had refused to unpack, with a sigh.



“So what are you looking forward too?” He smiled at him as he unpacked his stuff.



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“Oh, don’t be nervous, I’m sure you’ll be fine” I said, smiling, while placing my different things around the room. “Are you new here?”



“Yes I’m new.” She said smiling to her. “Is it that obvious?”



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She was about to ask herself if she could find out a way to smoke outside, but she ignored that question, and walked her jerkass back to the dorms. She sat down on her bed, and started unpacking her room.


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Nice one Ava. “Nooo, it’s not obvious. You didn’t seem familiar to me, that’s all. I mean, I’m sure I would have noticed you if you had been here other years” I said smiling trying to cover up my mistake.



~ Dist ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dist walks around the school looking for someone to talk to, even showing off his snake around his neck. But then again, that’s probably why people don’t want to talk to him. He sees someone on their own, “Hey, I’m Dist. Do you wanna pet my snake? Or lizards? They are in my pockets. I also have another snake that I think is in my shoe, but nevertheless, do you wanna pet one of my reptiles?”

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I notice a girl standing alone in the hall. I decided to walk over and greet her. “Hi. I’m Jack. And you are?”
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