The Disappearances ~Sign Ups~


The Disappearances
This is based off the book.

You live in Sterling, one of the three towns affected by The Disappearances. Every seven years something goes missing-reflections, scents, the stars, the ability to dream, the colours of pens, pencils and paints. There is no way to stop the disappearances but there are variants that can temporarily give you back something which you lost. You will be role playing as a student or teacher in a boarding school in Sterling.

Tagging people who have shown interest: @FallenAngelNight13, @SilverStar, @brinn, @Ella, @Etherwalker, @Kate_Potter, @epi.alyssaa, @Rose.M, @Mia_Tumblr

Sign Up Rules:

  • No perfect characters
  • You can create up to ten characters
  • Avoid having the same face claim and name as other characters

Sign Ups
Extra Info
Face Claims
Dorm Mates

Maths= @ChayChay
English= @Shani_Theo
Sciences= @16AngelCat
Foreign Languages= @FallenAngelNight13
PE= @FallenAngelNight13
Variant Science= @16AngelCat
Headmaster= @16AngelCat

The Disappearances ~Official Thread~
Any rp's I can join?
Anyone have a new role play?
New Ideas Thread [PLEASE READ]

Reserve for 2 please one female one male


Are they students?


Yes. I can do math teacher as well if ya want




reserve for a female student


Reserve for… one or two female students?


What’s the max amount of characters I can reserve @16AngelCat


You can reserve up to ten characters.


Reserve for female and one male.


woof. I’ll do 4 male students and 2 male teachers ^-^

Teacher -> Maybe P.E. and Foreign Language


id like to reserve for a female student x
edit: sorry i didnt mean to reply to your message @FallenAngelNight13


No worries, the forum can be confusing at times


Deserve one girl plz not teacher


No access to the extra info


I will try to sort it out


No problem just wanted to let you know and it’s the same with the face claims… and I submitted my forms for ya


Okay, thanks


Is there any more female students left? I am signing it rn.


There are still female students. But I would also like some more male students