The Disappearances ~Sign Ups~


Either. Whatever works best for you


I don’t mind. You choose. We will timeskip thhrogh classes but teachers will talk to students about classes etc.




If I do health it could make it interesting to talk to students about it :wink: but it might be awkward too…
If I do music it would be fun but not as interesting…

UGH I CAN’T CHOOSE!!! :grimacing::hot_face:

Can you please choose for me :pray:t3::blush:


How about both. As you won’t be teaching it doesn’t make it difficult for you and then you get both of them to talk to students about


Ok, are you sure??



Yeah that is fine.








What does Bump mean?


It means that I am bumping the thread so that it does not get closed


Also, do you know when this is getting a RP thread?


I am struggling to think of ideas for the first post.


Maybe something like: Welcome to the first day of School! Make sure to get ready!


She walked down the halls and opened her locker, blah blah

(something like that)








Also when are you starting?


I really need to. I am really busy with homework at the moment. I don’t seem to have a free minute! :sob: