The Dog Is Fixed!

As you see, I placed a new cover, :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: Seemed like a great cover when I first made it, please don’t ask me, I don’t know anymore about the cover. I did fix the story and the coding errors should be to a min, I added some new stuff in there and have definitions for the slangs that my chars are using. I hope you go read and hope you enjoy. It will bring you some laughs the story is kinda funny! thanks guys and Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays to you too!

Happy Holidays! :christmas_tree: And congrats on the cover! :heart:

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Thank you, I did that cover a couple times and my daughter kept saying it don’t fit the story, I was so done, so my last attempt I came up with that, I was tired of trying! :joy: :joy: :joy: but thank you and Happy Holidays to you also! :blush: :blush: :blush: