The DONUT menu & Splashes shop! OPEN! DL REQUESTS ACCEPTED ;) giveaways COMING SOON

syringe scares me :pleading_face:!

Ohh yeaa! Thanks for reminding me I’ve to study too :sleeping::white_heart:


Oops. I don’t have this problem but maybe try to focus on your surroundings instead? I mean anywhere but the syringe and then you won’t even realise it but the medicine is already inside your blood vessels! Try imagining nice things!


Good thing is the nice thing is gonna be my side :pleading_face::heart::see_no_evil:!!

I hope i don’t end up having a waffle in my hand & tears in my eyes :joy:!


You mean your pet…?


I gave away my pet :sob:! + that specy lady never allowed it in :right_anger_bubble:!


Fun fact to keep you waiting while we’re planning for the special surprise… :wink:
Did you know that this shop’s banners are based on a pastel theme?
Okay, I think that’s literally all I have to say to everyone :joy: bye



Me: react_sit_confused



Haha @Adrija is so amused and litrelly like wt the hell




Oh my! I’m so sorry I missed this reply! :sob:
That’s so sad.:frowning_face:

I don’t have a pet but one of my uncles have a dog and I know how a pet can lighten your mood. :pleading_face:


Hi, I know I’m part of this shop but can I request something? The background remover site I’ve been using has been acting really glitchy, so I’m wondering if someone can cut these out so that I can use them as overlays. Thank you! I’ll need them to be cut out in four separate pieces, all with transparent backgrounds.

@Zensthetic and @HazelBourne, either of you is fine :slight_smile:



Thank you so much I see it now it’s beautiful


I’m not a part of this shop but I cut these out anyways because I wanted to test the new software I found. You can use them if you like. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanku for helping us adrija…we love u!!!


Thanksss for the help Adrii!! :heart::heart:


No need to thank me! You’re welcome. (: :heart:


:pleading_face: :pleading_face: :heart:


Thanks so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Surprise Surprise :heart::partying_face:!!

It is finally released :heart::loudspeaker: Excited are we & expect you to be too :blush::white_heart:! The release was scheduled later than this but but but we could not wait to release it & couldn’t tease y’all more :wink::pleading_face:. Enjoy Fellas :teddy_bear::brown_heart:!

rules to retrieve it

[ These rules are to be followed by the person who wants to gift someone a Gift Card. ]
Here’s the form ( fill out the donut points ) :-

:doughnut: Follow everybody in this shop on IG!

our IG handles

Julie : @/juliewrites.on.episode
Zen : @/zainab_zxb
Hazel : @/luvlyhazel
~ Naz doesn’t use IG ~

:doughnut: Submit (reply with) your Forums/ IG handle.
:doughnut: Submit (reply with) Forums/ IG handle of your friend you wanna gift this to.

  • Make sure if you submit your Forums username & submit your friend’s forums username too. Don’t make it a mess by submitting your IG handle & his/her forums name or vice-versa.

:doughnut: Comment what they like about this shop as reply in the topic.
:doughnut: Like the shop Topic.
:doughnut: & answer some questions about the shop.

  • You cannot use this Gift Card. This is for your friend.

( If you’ve any queries as away :relaxed:. )

rules to utilize it

[ These rules are to be followed by the person who was gifted the Gift Card. ]
:balloon: You have 3 months to make use of the Gift Card.
:balloon: You cannot pass it on to someone else without our consent.
:balloon: Having a Gift Card doesn’t give you the right to remove or not give us credits.
:balloon: Follow this parachute points as a procedure to use your Gift Card :-

:parachute: PM us the Gift Card you received.
:parachute: Give Details about your request in perfect manner using a form .

:parachute: We’ll get back to you with all the other details & completed request as soon as we can.


:teddy_bear: What is a Gift Card?
→ If you want to gift something to your friend in this community & you don’t know what to, you can gift them this Gift Card which gives them privilege to get a request done from us.

:teddy_bear: Can I use the Gift Card for me?
→ The person who requests a Git Card from us cannot use it to request something from us.

:teddy_bear: What if I’ve a request for y’all after collecting the Gift Card?
→ You can still request but it won’t be counted as a request made with the Gift Card.

:teddy_bear: How many times can I request with a Gift Card?
→ 1. You can request for only 1 time having a Gift Card.

:teddy_bear: Can I ask for another Gift Card as a request from my Gift Card?
→ Yes you can but your Gift Card will be considered null or expired after your request.

:teddy_bear: I’ve more than 1 friends in this community and I want to gift them all a Gift Card, can I request for multiple Gift Cards at once?
→ You can but make sure to fill no. of forms as equal to no. of Gift Cards you want. Maximum limit of requesting for it at once is 5 . You can’t request more than 5 at once.

:teddy_bear: I already requested 5 but I do have more friends what do I do?
→ You can still request but after at least 6 weeks of the previous Gift Card Request .

If any more questions feel free to ask down below.

:jigsaw: WINNERS OF THE CONTEST :jigsaw:

[ these winners were decided by spinning the wheel with names of the four accurate replies & near assumptions :love_letter::speech_balloon: ]

Winner #1

Congratulations @blanche_writes :heart::relaxed:!

Winner #2

Congratulations @Adrija :heart::relaxed:!

:point_right:t3: Y’all can retrieve it any time you want to by PM’ing any of us or here in the shop itself :heart:!
:point_right:t3: Keep in mind that this card is for your friend & you can’t use it :relaxed:.
:point_right:t3: Your friend to whom you gift this can gift you a Gift Card instead but that will be considered as a request done via his/her Gift Card [ gifted (retrieved) by you ] :tickets:.

  • if you didn’t win, don’t worry! After we all ( Zen, Naz, Julie & Hazel ) will be completely free from the tests, there will be more giveaways :relaxed:

Thank you very very much to everyone who participated, we appreciate it so much :hearts:

Have a donut-zing day / nite / afternoon / evening y’all :doughnut::heart:!

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And lastly!!! thanku for not making this a flop!!! This turned out to be a great success coz of y’all!!!
love y’all,
:blob_hearts: @Zensthetic
:blob_hearts: @HazelBourne
:blob_hearts: @Nazee_writes
:blob_hearts: @juliewrites


Congrats to @Adrija and @blanche_writes :heartpulse::heartpulse::blush::blush: