The downfall of the episode community

I started playing before INK and for me the downfall was when they started pushing gems in community stories.
Also the featured stories only got worse overtime,for years now the majority of them have been the same exact plot copy pasted.Classic has bad looks but at least classic featured stories had interesting plots and not ,I’m a quirky girl and a baddie🤪 and the bad boy/billionaire/prince is in love me what should I do" told countless times.


I agree. I also started playing before INK (or at least, when Classic was still popular) so the change of style really isn’t the issue for me, because frankly even if I started playing when those two were around, I think Limelight beats them both in terms of art style. They all have their perks and flaws, but it wasn’t those flaws that caused this decline. It has definitely to do with gems. Basically, according to Episode the quality of a story is measured by how many gems readers spend on that story. Doesn’t matter if it’s the same plot copy pasted, the same boring tropes, if the coding is poor, if the dialogs sound dumb, if it’s the same stereotypes being pushed at you (cultural, ethnical, religious, etc.) Never mind all of this. But if the readers spend gems on it, surely it’s a masterpiece. Certainly, the reinforcement of the guidelines also played a role. Not that they’re actually bad rules per se though. It’s just that for some reason, the majority of the community authors felt restricted from their freedom to write whatever they want in their stories. About guns and violence and s*x without handling any of them properly. On a 13+ app. Okay.

Anyways, you (guys, some at least) might feel nostalgic over a style that doesn’t receive any more updates and that isn’t featured in most of the stories anymore. Though the same happened to Classic but none or few of the INK supporters seem to acknowledge or be sad for that :thinking: I’m just saying, that people adapted to a newer style and will eventually adapt to the newer rules. But if they adapt to the gem system, then we have a serious problem.

Also, merry Christmas!! :santa:t2::snowman_with_snow: