The Dumb solutions game

Basically you write a made up problem you are having and then someone replies with a dumb solution to it for example;

Person 1: Problem: my eyes hurt whenever I look at the sun how can I stop it?
Person 2: That’s easy just look at it at night.

So yeah thats a very dumb solution!

PLEASE NOTE that these solutions should not be tried or taken seriously. Doing so can lead to you looking like an complete idiot or in serious situations end in death, please play responsibly

Problem: I can’t get my toast out of my toaster :frowning:


use a fork to get it out

I cant find my glasses

Put your glasses on to look for them!

I think I lost my phone under the bed


@line123462 no joke I tried that once when I was about 7 :woman_facepalming:t2: Lucky I didn’t get shocked!

Call your friend to come help you get it

I have no internet connection

Look up how to get your internet back

My dog chewed up my shoe

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Did he eat them though? If not, just accept your new shoe design!

I forgot my umbrella, but it’s raining.

Hold your hands above your head to keep you dry

I’ve lost my bank card

write on facebook you lost it. and remember to write all the numbers so people can be sure its yours

My book shelf is full


Burn the book shelf, the problem is now fixed

I’m dying of heat, and my AC is broken

Go stand in the fridge, remember to close the door

I can’t find my keys

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Check in your car

I can’t flush the toilet


Easy, just smash it with a jackhammer!

phone won’t turn on :thinking:

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Throw it at the wall a few times, that might help.

I ate too much cookies, I don’t feel well now.

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Eat more cookies and you will feel better!

I feel tired but I don’t want to go to sleep.


Take a rock and knock yourself out, have a good night sleep :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t find my shoes

Slipper keeper Kitty took it, because you didn’t place them where they should be.

My keyboard stopped working.

my dog is eating my homework
use the hammer and smash his tail

…ask it to come back to work nicely
i can’t get out of this forest…

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So just fly over…
I can’t sleep anymore