The Dumb solutions game

Just stay awake.

I’m addicted to bad boys.

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Just put them in rice

I cant find my phone

just call your phone

i can’t read

Just use your eyes

How do I turn off the TV

Cut off all cables, that’ll do it.

I can’t find my cat.

Just find your cat

How do I fix a broken screen

just use stickytape
I can’t run

try running to the store.

I can’t sleep

Drink some coffee :coffee:

I can’t breathe

Hold ur breath

it’s hot

So just be cold

It smells in here

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Then unsmell

I lost my dog

So then find him
I’m not smart

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Stay off that phone :joy:

I’m broke

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spend your money then
i’m pregnant but idk who’s the mother

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Ask the father

I want to take a bath but the bathtub is broken

Easy…just take a bath!!

I can’t see with my glasses on…

just take them off

I don’t know what to write next in my episode story

Don’t write it then, just draw it!!

I’m hungry but I don’t have any food…

eat your hand instead

My room is messy but I can’t be bothered to clean it up