The Dumb solutions game

then we need to make them less smart

My cake is burnt

Set it on fire cause a double negative will cancel out

My leg fell off

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Cut off the other one before it falls by itself too.
You forgot mom’s birthday


She should remember it herself!

I have a test I don’t want to take.

Then jump out the window in your room so you could break a body part end in the hospital and not go to school

My new school sucks

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Blow it up and gat a new one

I’m overweight

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Then eat so much food you’ll puke it all out

I have so much work

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Just put it in the shredder

I can’t remember any German for the test

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Write it in English instead

It’s too hot in my room but the window is stuck



Smash the window lol

I hate doing housework/chores


then don’t do them

my cat won’t stop biting me



My fuzzy socks arent fuzzy enough

Then just dont wear them (idk)
I cant get my blinds to open (this actually happend)

Try harder then. Hard work is the ‘key’ to success :star_struck:

I forgot how to change from dark mode to light mode on Episode Forums.

Lol just turn up your brightness (oof)

I cant find my pants

Wear a skirt or shorts instead lol.

I fell from my bed… and I can’t get up anymore.

Just crawl

I forgot how to spell mississippi (lol)

Join the local 1st grade class

I got hit by a pool noodle

Find a chicken(idk oof)

I have a F in math

Put a straight line Next to the F like this Fl with no gap to make it look like an A

I agreed to work tomorrow On my day off and now wish I hadn’t :joy: