The Dumb solutions game

Cut off his nose

My pencil ran out of lead


Fill it with ink

My phone screen cracked

Throw it away

My friends punched me

punch her back. I dont care if its four hours ago, go right over there and punch her

there is less than six hours back of Unus Annus and I have not seen all videos yet.

that’s easy, just watch the videos

My scissors are stuck in the wall

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Well, use the scissors to cut a hole in the drywall!

My car won’t start…

That’s easy, plug it into your xbox and use the controller.

My earring ear hole things have closed, what do I do!?! :sob:


Go to church so they can make your ears holy again

I lost my wallet…

Pshhh! Just keep the money in your mouth!

An angry cockroach is stalking me at night…

You must have superpowers if you can see cockroaches in the dark so just fly away.

My ex texted me last night…

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I don’t know who “me last night” is, but why do you care who your ex texted? Move on!

A song is constantly stuck in my head…

Just remove ur head. DUHH

My house just fell down the hill

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Tie a rope around it and pull it back up before anyone steals it.

Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t answer my calls

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Walk to his house

I lost my phone

Call yourself on your phone to find your phone

My pig can fly

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Just fly up and get it

My door won’t close…

Just duct tape it

My teacher is under my bed

host a sleepover party

I got hacked


Hack the hacker to un hack yourself.

I don’t wanna start my shift but I’m already at work :cry::rofl:

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Press shift on your keyboard to unshift :sunglasses:

my friensds are annoying