The Dumb solutions game

Befriend the sewer rats instead

Australia was stolen from me

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Eat it

my mum saw my search history

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say that she can watch too. or that neither of us have to just watch🥵

my hasn’t my fishy moved in a week?


uh what?

it’s the game🤷🏻‍♀️

eat the fish

my netflix membership finished

Break into Netflix headquarters and hold the CEO hostage till they give you a year for free that was rlly long oop

My earbuds broke


So I used my airpods.

I forgot to bring my notebooks to school?

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bring the school to your notebooks

I ate too much food, now im fat


Easy! Just unfat yourself!

My gerbil is pooping

Put it on the toilet

My dad is yelling at me

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Tell him to shut up.

My math teacher is giving me too much homework.


Tell ur teacher to google the math problem, so you wont have to solve :cowboy_hat_face:

My sis is slapping me for no reason

Punch her.

I have insomnia.

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Blast music cause if u can’t sleep then no one should

I lost my airpods


Buy RayCons.

I am being possessed by a demon.

Possess it back to assert dominance

My best friend hates me


Hate her back.

I can’t eat dairy.

shove it in the other hole.

i’m real sick🤒

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Then don’t be sick
I don’t like tofu

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