The Dumb solutions game

Befriend the sewer rats instead

Australia was stolen from me

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Eat it

my mum saw my search history

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say that she can watch too. or that neither of us have to just watch🥵

my hasn’t my fishy moved in a week?


uh what?

it’s the game🤷🏻‍♀️

eat the fish

my netflix membership finished

Break into Netflix headquarters and hold the CEO hostage till they give you a year for free that was rlly long oop

My earbuds broke


So I used my airpods.

I forgot to bring my notebooks to school?

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bring the school to your notebooks

I ate too much food, now im fat


Easy! Just unfat yourself!

My gerbil is pooping

Put it on the toilet

My dad is yelling at me

Tell him to shut up.

My math teacher is giving me too much homework.

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Tell ur teacher to google the math problem, so you wont have to solve :cowboy_hat_face:

My sis is slapping me for no reason