The Dumb solutions game

Eat your dog.

I stole a stick of butter and am now a wanted criminal in 69 different countries.


Make it 666 countries

The watermelon is too cold

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Put sugar on it and put it in Harry Styles’s microwave

My cat fell over

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Perform CPR- Cat Paws Rescue :paw_prints:

My zoom is freezing up.

Put it in the microwave to dethaw

My vocal chords died

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Perform CPR

My car broke down

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comfort it

a bird swallowed my leg


Swallow the bird, poop out your leg, reattatch it

My toenail polish chipped


Eat chips.

I can’t stop procrastinating.


Really put the pro in procrastination and become a certified pro

My hands are dry

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Submerge them in water!

My teacher is mean

Ask for an even meaner principal

I forgot to make food

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Ask Siri to cook

I made an AI that wants to kill off humanity

Be its sidekick and kill the ai after eliminating the hoomans

The birds wont stop flying

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So fly with them!!!

An eagle ate my chicken

Cut up the eagle make sure not to cut the chicken, cook the eagle and serve it to your chicken

The grass is green


Dye it another color!

My hair fell out cuz I put too much bleach in it to dye it blue

Put bleach on everyone else and no one will notice anything

I ate too much hot suace now my tongue is burning

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Eat lime tortilla chips!!

I have no more lime tortilla chips :sob:

Grow limes cut them to triangles bam problemo is not existo

Im starting a bad habit but dont know how to stop

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