The Dumb solutions game

Just start a new bad habit and you’ll stop doing the other one

my phone charger cable isn’t long enough to reach my bed

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Cut the legs off your bed so that it’s lower to the floor.

I need to cook food but the cooker is broke

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Then cook broken food

A thief stole my wallet :00

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Steal them and your wallet

My toenail fell off

Also does anyone else find it harder to come up with normal scenarios than dumb solutions lol


Cut off another one of your nails and glue it on to that one.

My cat fell down the stairs and broke her leg.

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Then break off another one of your cats legs preferably the diagonal opposite

The curtain has a whole

yea lmao

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Just sew it back to normal.

I forgot lmaoo

my pants have a rip in the butt area.

Where’s my problem to solve :sob: :joy:

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cover it with duct tape.

I forgot my medicine.

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Easy, take your medicine to not forget again.

My mom doesn’t let me have a boyfried

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Get a girlfriend.

I am so tired

Then don’t be.

I’m procrastinating.

Wow… stare at a wall then.

My free subscription for Spotify ended 382992927 hours ago.

Become a Millionaire and start paying for it after repairing your poor a**, lol
It’s 5:30 am here and I haven’t slept at all!

Just change your clock to 12:30am and get your sleep

I don’t have any lotion