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The words are supposed to say Is This Love?.

I like the rest but is there a way to make the resize cover to be less blurry.

Oh I’m so sorry! I’ll correct it :sweat:

Um…idk, I’ll try :thinking:🤷

Hey, Sorry for the delay, I had got caught up with something. I’ve corrected the title, hope it is okay now!

Large Cover (Resized and Corrected) (PNG)

I’m really sorry, but it is still coming blurry. I couldn’t fix that :sweat:

Thank you I will make sure to credit you in my story.:pray:t4::hugs:

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Your welcome :blush: :sparkling_heart:


Bump :pleading_face: We’re also open on Ig guys, so you can request us there also. @the.edits.shop

How many character cards do you need?

How many characters will be there in one card?

Please attach the character pic and the details you want on the card.


The font…style…colour…or any other specifications related to the text?
I’d like the text to be bold and blackish in color

What background you need? Please attach the bg(if you have one) Or if not then please describe clearly what kind you of bg you need and I’ll try and look up something according to that.
Night sky type of background

Do you want the details and the colours of the details in different fonts? Or in the same font? Also do you want to differ them in colours? Or in same colour?
Same color and same font

Do you want the text to be in one colour? Or in a colour pattern? You can choose the colours of the pattern.(can choose upto 5colours)
Color pattern (Dark Blue And Black)

When do you need it?
By 2nd?

Anything else?

Pw Rose

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Thank you so much for requesting with us!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’ll be taking your request. Could you please tell What outfit and pose do you want your character to be in? Also, would you like a cursive type font or more typewriter types font?

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Bump <3

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And I’d like cursive font :smile:

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Okay thank you :blush:

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Hey, sorry for the delay. I’ve completed the card. Hope it’s how you wanted and also the bg is fine. It’s the best I could find. :slightly_smiling_face:

Character Card

Please don’t forget to credit :blush: (Credit me by my Instagram id @epi_ps )

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Everything is as I wanted :heart_eyes:. Tysm :two_hearts:
And I’ll credit you ofcourse :blush:

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I’m glad you like it :blush: Your welcome :sparkling_heart:

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I loved it and I’m excited to see you entries for the contest😍 lol

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Thank you :pleading_face:Hehe, yeah I’m working on that :upside_down_face:

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