The elimental kid's...(Ll roles avalible main role's first come first served)

Right so thease are THE ONLY elements and role’s that have the element’s the dark role is already taken So First COME FIRST SERVED

Role’s with element’s

  • The girl who think’s about herself with her crush (Light element)@ChayChay
  • Girl (water) @epsd.ama
  • Girl (air)
  • boy (neutral)
  • Boy (fire)
  • Boy ( earth)
  • Girl (Lightness) @kerubiel
    Role’s without element’s
    The camp Councilar
    The Power teacher (only one with element’s in this list)
    The Tree Spirit’s
    More Coming:
    People Who Might be intrested : @Ayu @FallenAngelNight13 @Kalizzza
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water girl

@epsd.ama can you tag some of your friend’s

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Can I be the Air girl
Skin: Copper 07
Eyebrows: Arched natural
Hair: Short wavy ombré rose gold
Eyes: Round downturned wide hazel
Face: Round soft
Nose: Round broad
Mouth: Full heart pouty plum gloss

Boy Earth
Name : Michi Glass

Gold 03
Round Soft (Blakjet)
Short Messy Curls (Cool Grey)
Deep Male Suken (Hazel)
Diamond Soft
Gracian Narrow
Medium Straight Natural (Beige Deep Matte)

Clothes : you pick
Personality : Michi is a super passive aggressive, and will often say harmful things in a non harmful way. For example. “I love you, but if you leave your door open again, you’ll wake up to find your door superglued shut”
Bio : Michi is that try-hard bad boy bio. His parents were always fighting, though they tried their best to keep it away from him. He sneaks out alot to get away from them.




:revolving_hearts::cupid::gift_heart::two_hearts::heartpulse: thank you darling ahhhh

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i want girl lightness for reserve please? @UltimaW

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Can I be the light girl? With her crush one?

What is this?


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hehe its so easy when ppl have pics of the old character creation cus its easy af


thanks everyone


Uh idk what this is but can I reserve boy neutral I guess? What is this???

Characters for a story I think.

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haha it means shes making an episode story and needs characters

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T h a n k y o u


N O P R O B L E M dude.

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