The Emblem (my story)

Guys, I just published the first 3 chapters of my story called “The Emblem”.

My username is JetLikeTheJewel

And if you can’t access the search bar on the app, I have a link that leads you directly to my story that I will leave in the reply.

"The world is not in black and white. And if anyone has ever truly lived, they will tell you the same. Kingdoms rise and fall. Lives are taken for the wrong reasons. And history has been re-written over and over, to the point where it is now accepted without question. When the law turns a blind eye and throws you under the bus, you are expected to turn the other cheek. When a loved one is murdered, and the killer walks free, you are expected to let them. When a law force becomes corrupt, you are expected to look the other way for the sake of your own survival.

When you sacrifice everything, only to have your livelihood taken by sabotage, you are expected to forget about it.

When you are wrongly accused for a crime you did not commit, you are expected to trust the very system that seals your own damnation.

You rely on a flawed set of laws that can be bended and broken with ease. There is no justice in this world. It’s all a game to them.

The Emblem has existed for centuries. They are a secret society conglomerate of vigilantes. They root out any and all matters of injustice…for a price.

Fear not the night. For we are here. We are watching. We are waiting.

We are The Emblem"!

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Please read this story :slight_smile: It’s very good story! She deserve some read


Haha, I read it as soon as I saw it!

It’s a very good and well written story!

Unless my eyes are going real bad, I think I was listed into the people who inspired you…how did I do that? :joy:


Yup, it is well written :wink:

Well, I always see you always giving out your characters and I just happened to remember you :slight_smile:


Yay I know it’s amazing:hugs::heart_eyes:


Hey :grin: i Love your cover :heart_eyes: and i will read your Story, it looks interesting :kissing_heart::blush:

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i’ll read it definitely :slightly_smiling_face:


Because you are kind and amazing. And by simply contributing your own character, you’ve had a hand in bringing this story to life :wink:


@Ayu Funny, that’s how I feel with you :joy:
@JetLikeTheJewel1 Aww, you think kind and amazing? Thank you! Also, I’m excited to see my character in this amazing story!


Guys, my story is getting even more recognition because of all of you :slight_smile: Please share this with everyone you know.

I love you all :smile:


@Jose_happy thank you so much :slight_smile: plz share this with everyone you know.

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