The Emo Chat: A place for the "Emo's"


So you know who you are. The ones categorized as “emo” but let’s celebrate the way black is everything and our favorite music is categorized as pop punk or emo. I for one an “emo” would love to chat about it! Talk about Panic at the Disco, twenty one pilots, My Chemical Romance and soooo many more! Do I need to go on? Ahh just hope I am not the only one here :joy:


Plays G note


Ahh triggered. At least it wasn’t a rick roll lol.



Ok I stop


Sometimes, my sibling will tell me to stop listening to “depressing” music but I love it XD
And they say jokingly to me vampire since I’m awake all night, and asleep during the day-but this is my summer lol I do what I want and wear what I want : )
And as for music:
Breaking Benjamin, Asking Alexandria, Motionless in White, Bullet For My Valentine, Three Days Grace, Ice Nine Kills, Thousand Foot Krutch, Hollywood Undead, Shinedown, Set it Off, Get Scared, Adam Lambert.
Yep, these are currently my addictions this week :sweat_smile::black_heart:
P.S Rock on everybody, you all are beautiful!


Ahh, love those bands! Yeah everyone says the music I listen to is depressing, but who cares? It sounds amazing!


We listen to music we want and don’t let others opinions affect us :sunglasses::facepunch:


People are like “Stop listening to music from 10/20 years ago!”
sHuT uP aNd LeMmE hEaR bReNdOn


Lol, same. I am new to the whole label thing. I just always listened to the music. But in the begging of 8th grade. You are now categorized. Hm and no one ever heard of most of these great artists and I am like…wut HOW?


Here in Italy, those bands are almost unknown ;-;


Ah at least in America it is known in places. Italy is beautiful though. My grandmother was born there.


I probably could not live without Italian food-


Same. I just love everything about the food. Yum.


My siblings: The people you listen to can’t sing.
Me: Two words. Brendon Urie
[plays This Is Gospel]


Yaasss! Epsicially the piano version. It brings out his voice so well!


I went to a Panic! concert recently, and when it was the quiet part of “Golden Days,” I screamed “I WOULD DIE FOR YOU”


My favorite song!


Get Scared is my favorite band


That’s awesome. I went to the PFTW tour and I loved it!

What artist or band do you always recommend when someone asks for music recommendations?

I have found a home :relieved: