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emospacito (emo Despacito)


That is now my new catchphrase



My Emo is buried deep inside me somewhere. She comes out when I hear a certain G note… and when I thought that MCR was getting back together on the Black Parades 10th Anniversary! :sob:


Are goths allowed?


Why yes. They are.


I remember in my teens when it was called “goth”. Then when I was in my 20’s it was “emo” and “scene”. I find it very interesting to see the progression of this. Personally, I enjoy all genre’s of music but find it really neat to see how people perceive the different “lifestyle” aspects of emo/goth/scene/etc as well.


First I like to say…Hi!

Second: wow I never heard of the scene. It is really interesting to see everything go along with being emo. I personally love things that mix up their sound like twenty one pilots. But then again I’ll sit back and listen to green day!



I <3 Twenty One Pilots but wouldn’t consider them to be the same “emo” I grew up with. I guess on the East coast where I’m from it was more of a hardcore/emo scene. Like From Autumn to Ashes , Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, Atreyu and more. It is interesting to see how diff genre’s can relate to diff band’s depending on location. :thinking::nerd_face::metal:


Yeah! I love the hardcore bands too. I’ll check out those!

Since I move even a region in the US everyone likes things totally different than me. I do agree. The way genres vary over a certain amount of space is interesting!


Wow Jeremy was emo… do we need another reason to call him God?


Right? Ah the King of the forums.




Hi everyone I passed through my Emo phase but yesterday I accidentally listened to Three Days Grace and all of my Emo vibes came back

I need support


It’s Never Too Late and I Hate Everything About You are pretty good songs

They make me feel like I’m living in 2009 all over again


Dont know if this is the place to say this, but im not emo. But I have a lot of black and grey closing just because its easier to match and stuff lol


Okay, I’m not emo, but P!ATD is the bomb.


I love P!ATD!!

My favorite album is death of a bachelor.