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Eternal and evergrowing


Bumpity :upside_down_face:


I love myself some good P!ATD it’s good for the soul like rap snacks.


the emo has been summoned
el has entered the chat

I’ve been an emo since my preteen years… I’m gonna stop changing myself for others to like me, I’m no longer tolerating emophobics.


Death note … That’s in death note …



I’m not emo but I like to be morbid and watch death and I like gore :slight_smile:


I’ve been listening to this song 24/7 for the last few weeks :

(THANKYOU @_Life )

I thought I could relate to this guy 120% but then i CRIED when I heard he died earlier on in the year . It’s like someone is trying to tell me that the only people I can relate to are dead already :sob::sob::sob::sob:


… This is depressing this is depressing I like it :two_hearts:


i like twenty one pilots


Panic is better


It describes my mood best :blush: . In fact, if anyone asks why I’m crying , I’ll just show them this song ( I RELATE SOOO MUCH TOO THIS IT HURTS !)


Oml I feel bad now lol :two_hearts::joy:


Oof …


YeeE are you and me only ones online??


Seems like it , some ppl are on other threads but I don’t want to scroll through the 5463 posts just to reply :sweat_smile:


Yeeahhh wanna chat cuz I’m so boreddd? Xp


yaaaaaaaaaaaaas, I’ve also realised how much I can relate to 21 pilots. Any other songs that have this kind of vibe?


Honestly I kinda relate to panic, years & years and disclosure more than others (they are all bands years & years is fav) u got insta I do mine is @ToriaCollie we can DM there but for now just here cuz its being real bitchy


I guess I would be considered emo?.. My family says I am sometimes… Tho I don’t listen to P!ATD and TØP much as I used to…


Yes preach mama!