The End Of The World - RP - SIGN UPS


President Sutton stared right into the camera, tightly holding his wife Barbara’s hand.
“Alright, dear americans …” he said, his voice was tired - defeated. Just the day before his voice had been full of promise - full of hope.
But now everyone knew that there was no use. No use in putting on a brave face.
“This is the end. I want you to hold your loved ones tight, tell each other how much you mean to each other. We will face our fait as we face everything. As true …”
President Sutton was interrupted by a large meteorite hitting the ground over the bunker. Not long after that the camera cut out.

Where were you when you watched this? Maybe you were surrounded by family and loved ones, maybe you were all alone …
But either way, you closed your eyes, awaiting the dreaded end. And it came. Meteorites hit, everything was on fire, people all around screamed in horror and pain.
Suddenly everything was black, you assumed everything was done with.
But you wake up.

Everyone around you is still dead, you’re probably badly hurt for different reasons.
When you manage to make your way out in the street, you find that all the fires are put out, no one is screaming anymore.
There are no signs of anyone in the streets, until you find some other people who have experienced the same things.
You’re all left with one question … why did you survive and what can you do now?

  • This takes place in Washington, D.C btw *


For those of you who want to keep your old characters, just say so. Aand, we’re starting over, btw. (:


I’ll keep my old character.


Alright! (:


can i keep my old character?




May I keep my old characters? :slight_smile:


I will be keeping my old character!

It’s TheBluGeek btw, this is my temporary Beta account :3


Can I keep my old char?


I’ll keep my old characters.

Let’s go
@TheBluNerd , bring Jalec back.






I’ll be signing up!


Hey can I have 2 or 3 characters in this game or just one ?


O already did 2 and I don’t even care , but if there’s a limit of 1 char then keep the guy and loose the girl , she is much more boring than him .


I’m keeping my old ones… right?


There’s no limit, it’s fine.




Did you get my form ? I haven’t seen my char’s at the faceclaims … And when are we starting ?


Can we still sign up?


didn’t start yes , so , yes … yes you can