The episode app constantly keeps crashing



Hi there,
Every time I load up the episode it crashes, sometimes it allows my to play a couple of scenes but the majority of it the time it crashes on the home page. I’ve deleted some of my apps to create more space to see if that will help, but it doesn’t. Anyone know of any other way to fix the problem.


You can try sending a support ticket? I don’t have the link, but somebody else might?


Sorry to hear about your issue, @Nadine9989. :frowning: Here’s the link for the help ticket! :smiley:


I have the same problem , mine was working fine yesterday but today it’s been no stop freezing then it goes to a black screen then it goes to my tablet homepage I wrote a support ticket they told me it was about my random access memory , but I always go to settings before I start episode and make sure there’s enough memory so and it’s crashing