The episode app won't let me make an account

I downloaded the episode app and accidentally hit the “restore account” button instead of the make a new account button and now I can’t make an account!! I’ve deleted and redownloded the app so many times and it still has the restore account through email, Facebook, etc… option in the settings instead of any make a new account button. I have no episode account to restore so even if I put in a random email it says there is no episode account associated with the email, which is true, so why won’t this app let me create a new account? Please help me!!

Hi @Lizard!

Sorry your encountering this while trying to create an account. Please submit a ticket to the support team here who would be more than happy to help! :v:

Okie dokie I submitted the request… hopefully they get back to me soon :DD

Why don’t you make your account on Episode’s Website?

I did, I was trying to see how a story I wrote would look like on the app. The problem was that episode has this dumb new feature where they force you to read SIX whole episode stories before you can do anything like make an account on the app or read any user stories. I’m going nuts tapping as fast as I can to get through all the episode stories they’re all sooo bad

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