The Episode Book Club



Wow! These new forums are great, huh? I had an idea of a fun new way for Episode authors and readers to connect right here!

This is The Episode Book Club, a place where you can share your thoughts on Episode stories.

How it works:
Think of an Episode story you love, that you would like to review and discuss with others about. When you’ve thought of that story, reply to this thread with the title of the story, the author and a brief sypnosis. Then, start a discussion about the story in the comments. Now, somebody else sees your post, and will comment on it. As many people can join in the conversation as possible.

For example:

Title: Example Story
Author: Example Author
Sypnosis: This is an example.

Then in the comments,
Person1: My thoughts on this story were…
Person2: I agree with you, and I would like to add…

Of course, we need a few rules on this thread to make sure that everyone’s experience is favorable.

  1. Be respectful. No matter what views people have, it is important to respect everyone’s opinion, all the time.
  2. This is not a self-promotion thread. There are many great threads to promote your story on, but this is not one of them.

I hope you enjoy!


So, I’m starting off with one of my favourite Episode stories, which I think is highly underrated:

Title: Being Perfect
Author: Arrows
Sypnosis: Her perfect life breaks into pieces, when the struggle between an old heartbreak and a forbidden love tear her apart.


My all time favorite Episode story.

Title: Speak
Author: @J.Miley
Sypnosis: With a tragic past and unable to Speak, Elizabeth meets Wesley; who tries to help her on her road to recovery.


I read this story a while back and while I generally enjoyed it, I felt it just fed into the taboo cliche of teacher-student relationships. Granted Scarlett met Dylan before he was her teacher, it still does add that element to the story. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the story. Team Preston because I could’t be Team Independent Single Woman!


@AnnieAEpisode I agree! I was hesitating between Preston & Dylan at the end, but I finally chose Dylan because I felt Scarlett had more chemistry with him, even though I personally thought she should leave all that drama behind her & be independent, starting with a clean slate…


Excited to read this!




It is my all time favorite Episode story!


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: