The Episode Character Game

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The Episode Character Game

To play, you have to post the name of a character in an Episode (and only Episode!) story, and the person who posts after has to put the name of the story the character is in. If you don’t know which story the character is from, that’s okay! Just say that you don’t know.

Please only put a character whose name is already chosen by the author (no characters from stories where you can choose your name), otherwise people will not know who you are talking about!

If you’re still confused on how to play, an example is below.


A: King Cletus?
B: The Ruby Tiara. Haze Evans?
C: Attracted to the Nerd. Freya Park?
D: Girl in Manhattan.

Tags! (Sorry if I disturbed you)


I’ll start!

Carla Forte?


aH I DONT KNOW- um… myana blackwood? :cowboy_hat_face:

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No clue, but when I saw the last name I thought of the story Assassins of Blackwood :joy:

Arielle Yeung? (I’m not sure if I spelled her last name right)

I don’t know story name.

From Kelly: Revenge

Okay lol, ummm Alec Lockhart :heart_eyes:


Clothes Off
Kendall Parkerns

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You forgot to put a new character

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oOp, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Landon Wilder, I think that’s the name

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The New Girl
Savannah Hartford?

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Yeet I have no clue lmao :joy:

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Chase Adams :blue_heart:

I have no clue…unless you’re talking about Chase from Fall For Me?
Reece Sanchez

No idea, the Sand Cheese?

Annabelle (Evangeline) Armitage


The Dark Prince!

Felix Burns?


Idk, maybe a story called Escape :joy:

Tanner Everette?