The Episode Community Book Club!

Hey Forum Family,
Rather than just seeking one person to read/review a story or creating endless recommendation threads, I thought I would start the…
The Episode Community Book Club!

Why? This way, you, the readers/fans can recommend the story, vote for them, and review the story as well.
So what is this? This is a book club. A place where we can positively discuss a different book each week. Each week a popular story (the recommended story with the most votes) will be selected. Everyone can read it and send in their opinions, review, constructive criticism, and rating. You don’t have to actively review EVERY story, it’s up to you, but I will make sure to review each one so there is at least one recommendation that week. :wink:
How’s it going to work? I will be leaving the recommendation form open for people to add recommendations whenever. Every Thursday/Friday, I will collect ALL the recommendations from the form and create a poll. Anyone can vote, and the most popular will be the new story for the new week (maybe two weeks if there are 10+ chapters), released Monday/Tuesday. On Sunday night/Monday morning, I will collect your responses/reviews and summarise them into one post as the final thoughts of the club.
Discussions of the stories are completely welcome! :wink:

Can’t I just have a specific review? You can, BUT not here. For specific reviews, see the multitude of review threads or R4Rs there are. OR if you just want a grammar-check, then see my other thread, Caliope-checker.

Let’s start!

So, the first thing needed is to recommend an Episode story for the book club to discuss and review. Rules are simple; recommend as many as you want to, you may recommend ANY story, and you can suggest your own story. Here is the recommendation form!

This week’s book is…

Deep and Deadly, by Cameron Oakley (@Episode.Cameronwrite)
It’s a mystery and here’s the link.
About: A group of strangers and a beautiful cruise ship. What could possibly go wrong? A deadly event wreaks havoc. Solve the clues, find the killer.

Anyone can review this week's story

What does writing a review involve?

  • Writing your username (Yes, you can tick to be anonymous, though most summaries are going to be an anonymous collective response anyway).
  • 6 Ratings out of 5 (with 2 decimal places if you want) of different aspects of the story and an optional comment on each one.
    1. First impression BEFORE reading the story. What you think of the cover art, title, and summary.
    1. What you think of the story, as in content and flow.
    1. The characters; were they developed, diverse, and different from other stories?
    1. The visuals, how did it look and how was the directing?
    1. How was the language and grammar?
    1. How were the choices and did they impact the story?
  • You can read as much of the story as you like, but make sure you state so here.
  • And finally an overview, your final comment.

Write your thoughts here, about the selected book, in this review form.

Previous Book Club Stories


Scored 4.77 (The Review)

Agent Cinderella, by Mavis Rosebrook & Elise C (@Mavis & @EliseC)
Here’s the link.
About: On a mission to retrieve an object, a mysterious stranger sweeps you off your feet. Will hunting down your target still be easy when you also try to locate the intriguing guest?

Scored 4.07 (The Review)

Adventurous: Valour, by TheGreenNebula (@thegreennebula.ep)
It’s an action and here’s the link.
About: You got released from prison after your reign as a super-villain, what will happen when you’re given a scholarship to a mysterious university that’s swarming with heroes?


Scored 4.67 (The Review)

Adventurous: Seven Seas, by Lyra Keiken (@LyraKeiken)
Here’s the link.
About: With dashing pirates and high seas, your discovery of a map leading to the Compass of Old sets you on a quest full of curses and magical creatures. Can you resist the temptation of a siren’s song? Will you fight the Kraken and live? Full CC/Gender choice!

Scored 4.57 (The Review)

Bubblegum, by Sarah Dove
Here’s the link.
About: On the surface she has everything. After a tragic accident, Alessia Marsh finds herself hopelessly confined to a wheelchair. How will another tragic event help her out of it?

Scored 4.55 (The Review)

Adventurous: Across the New World, by Nelida Utuwatu (@NelidaU)
Here’s the link.
About: The world is under 200 years old. There’s so much out there that no one knows about yet! At least…nothing out there anyone is allowed to know about. Rules will be broken.

Scored 4.19 (The Review)

Telvoikai , by Corvaena (@Vaena)
Here’s the link.
About: Tasked with collecting data on an alien planet, you must choose between exploring jungle tropics or navigating deep into a bioluminescent sea. (CC, LGBT, Illustrations, tappables)

Scored 3.66 (The Review)

Adventurous: Project Humanity, by Dreamer (@RainbowCat)
Here’s the link.
About: In a world without sadness, your father starts a little project. What happens when you take part in it? Will you find your place in a world with new possibilities, new feelings?


Scored 3.87 (The Review)

Flashback Friday, by Daisy W (@Daisy_W)
Here’s the link.
About: Everly Jones is your typical stuck up popular teenager who we all want to punch in the face. Her life is perfect. Until the universe twisted sense of humour teaches her a lesson!

Scored 3.82 (The Review)

2.5 Million Light-Years Away, by JiangShi (@JiangShi)
Here’s the link.
About: Are you ready to leave everything and everyone behind to discover the secrets of another galaxy 2,5 million light-years away from home? Then get on board! (CC, choices and my madness included)


Scored 4.61 (The Review)

Galactic game, by Lucky
Here’s the link.
About: You are a contestant on an inter-galactic reality TV show with 11 extraterrestrials. Between manipulation, love, alliances, strategies and friendship - will you win the game?

Scored 4.44 (The Review)

Blackout, by AmyJune (@AmyJune_episode)
Here’s the link.
About: You’re met your perfect match, so it seems. But there’s one problem, you don’t know their name or what they look like. The only thing you know, is their voice.

Scored 3.11 (The Review)

Search for Love, by S.writes (@sofia.sigma)
Here’s the link.
About: Your life turns upside down when you try to escape from a toxic situation! Can you find the love you are looking for trying to escape?

Scored 2.72 (The Review)

Monster In Me, by Cameron Oakley (@Episode.Cameronwrite)
It’s a drama and here’s the link.
About: After your soulmate arrives at your birthday party, you go on a trip to find her missing brother. Will you find out about their past or turn away because she’s an alien?


Scored 4.72 (The Review)

Villainous Heroes, by Lyra Keiken (@LyraKeiken)
Here’s the link.
About: Superheroes are real. Your best friend is missing. Your ex is sleeping with your friend. And to top it all off? You have a week to pay $1000 or you’re evicted.

Scored 4.59 (The Review)

Pine Hollow: Hex of the Three, by Elzbiet Zaleski (@fcukforcookies)
Here’s the link.
About: As Katarina and her family move to the town of Pine Hollow, they find themselves intertwined in a world of supernatural forces; what secrets will rise to the surface?

Scored 4.54 (The Review)

Solis: Regnum Fortes , by TheBigMystery (@TheBigMystery)
Here’s the link.
About: The Empire of Solis needs some saving! The emotionally unstable Queen of Sarcasm, Exin, and her naive, childish twin brother, Echo, team up with a bunch of lunatics! We’re doomed.

Scored 4.18 (The Review)

CYBER, by Vivi (@viviwrites)
Here’s the link.
About: You are a gamer with no life. Harsh, but true. With a tournament coming up in your favourite VR game to play, CYBER, who knows what will happen?

Scored 4.11 (The Review)

Silhouettes, by Aprilish (@aprilish)
Here’s the link.
About: Arion’s ready to risk it all to make her dreams come true. Leslie sees him every day, yet fails to recognize who he is. Watch them fall in love…without ever meeting each other.

Scored 3.82 (The Review)

My Kalona, by Ray Edwin (@Ray_Edwin)
Here’s the link.
About: While 17 yr old Naomi desperately tries to bond with her estranged father, she becomes the prisoner of a Native-American curse that threatens all. Help Naomi defeat the curse!

Scored 3.66 (The Review)

The Abomination, by Costa (@saulwinter)
It’s a fantasy and here’s the link.
About: You’re an angel-demon hybrid that’s viewed as an abomination by everyone. Discover your purpose, battle Lucifer, and survive in the superatural world.


Scored 4.59 (The Review)

The Infected, by Caitoriri (@Caitoriri)
Here’s the link.
About: A bad boy, a cheerleader, a dumb jock, a nerd and you: five very different high schoolers who must work together to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Scored 4.57 (The Review)

Hit and Run, by Elise C (@EliseC )
Here’s the link.
About: After a hit and run, the girl you left for dead unexplainably survives and wants revenge. Will you survive? Choices Matter and CC (5 endings)


Scored 3.71 (The Review)

Clue: Red Eyed Cat, by RachelleFaucet (@RachelleFaucet)
It’s a mystery and here’s the link.
About: Parson Gold, a lonely private eye, made it his mission to discover the truth behind the red eyed cat and the string of murders that follows it.

Scored 3.71 (The Review)

Clue: L.O.S.T , by mdsava.episode (@MdSava)
It’s a mystery and here’s the link.
About: After being brutally killed you are going to experience life after death and reincarnate in a body of a sexy detective to investigate your own murder.

Scored 3.62 (The Review)

Clue: The Leftover Princess, by Shania Raynr (@Shania_Rayne)
Here’s the link.
About: Hundred years ago a Native American tribe vanished without a trace. When a mysterious girl is found in the woods, will she be the answer, or just lead to more questions? CC, LGBT, minigames Male/Female LI

Scored 3.32 (The Review)

Gone, by Cameron Oakley (@Episode.Cameronwrite)
Here’s the link.
About: While attending Acklebridge College, everything is not what it seems when students are vanishing left and right… It’s now your responsibility to get to the bottom of this mystery…


Scored 4.03 (The Review)

Aching for the bad girl, by Olivia Carlson (@Olivia2003)
Here’s the link.
About: When a flirtatious jerk moves to Evelyn’s hometown, a new era of double trouble begins. Will Evelyn be able to resist his charm?

Scored 3.74 (The Review)

A cupcake, please!, by Naomi M. & Yasmin D. (@NanaM & @Yasmin.D)
It’s a romance and here’s the link.
About: What if love begins with a cupcake and ends with it at the same time? Can you still find the love of your life?


Scored 4.26 (The Review)

Necessary Evil, by Zayen (@Zayen)
Here’s the link.
About: Over ten years, you’ve checked in and out of a mental asylum because of the supernatural you see. What if they were real? (CC)

Scored 3.68 (The Review)

Journey: The Mirror, by Meme_Episodes
Here’s the link.
About: A family curse causes all the woman to vanish… can you break the curse before you are next?

Caliope :wink:


Just a quick question: we don’t have to tell you if we’re going to read the next story or not? We can just read it or not, and send you our opinion if we read it, but no applying for the club or anything?


Nope. No application needed. Anyone can start and stop whenever they want. :wink:


I have some stories I want to submit. How do I find other stories links?


Submit them to the recommendation form above in the OP. Submit one form for each story. :wink:

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It asks for the link to the story, how do I find that?


Oh, that link. Well, either you can go to the story and click share to 'some app. It’ll take you there, to a draft post where you can copy the link and delete the post. :wink:
OR skip it because the link isn’t a required, only optional. :smile:

About stories...

Dreams and Nightmares, by Dreamer (@RainbowCat)
About: Scarlet had a rough past and it looks like it’s not getting better after she was bought by some mysterious guy. Will she ever turn her life from a nightmare to a dream?

Oblivious, by The_Saminator (@The_Saminator)
About: When socially awkward Leanna catches the eye of equally awkward Kai things can’t get more awkward, can they?

Casilla Brothers: Larceny, by Gabi G (@gabyg)
About: The Casilla Brothers are experts at pulling off heists, but when Elias encounters Sindel during a mission, everything changes. Will she discover he was the one under the mask? *CC

One of the Girls, by Amberose (@amberose)
About: Nobody could have prepared Jesse for his first year of college. Why? Because the college administrations board has officially enrolled him as a female.

Search for Love, by S.writes (@sofia.sigma)
About: Your life turns upside down when you try to escape from a toxic situation! Can you find the love you are looking for trying to escape?

Which one do you want to discuss as the first book of our book club?
(You can vote for up to three)

  • Dreams and Nightmares
  • Oblivious
  • Casilla Brothers: Larceny
  • One of the Girls
  • Search for Love

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Just tagging those who liked the OP and/or recommended these stories. Can you please vote? :wink:
@fcukforcookies, @granolias, @24aya, @lanafrazer_episode, @LillyR, @JannahJackson, @Mashia


Hi! I submitted a recommendation! I’ll be pleased if u discuss it :smiley:


Thank you, though it’ll be added to next week’s poll now. :wink:
As week one will be one of the books in the above poll if you would care to vote? :smile:

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I didn’t recommend any of them. I didn’t read part of them, but anyway, I picked the most controversial IMO. :slight_smile:


Thanks for those who suggested and/or voted for my story. I don’t want to sound ungrateful but… I actually really want to participate in this as a reader so would rather not have my story chosen… Please vote for another story for this week! I personally am hoping for Oblivious.

Please and thank you :heart:

Not sure if I should tag you for already voting since I know half of you will probably say "too bad Amber" and leave it, lol

@granolias @LillyR @JemU776 @GSG.episode @Mashia


I know, but you liked the OP so I thought you were interested. :flushed::flushed::flushed:

You forgot to add that “You and Caliope don’t want Caliope to read your story.”

Just so you all know, those who don’t get chosen this week will be back on the list in next weeks poll alongside all the new recommendations.

So, Rosie, how are your ‘weakness’ powers working? Can you get me to tell you who recommended you so you can ask them to retract it? :wink:


Whats OP? :joy:


Original post, or it can also mean original poster

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I was gonna say that, but thought my pleading to join in as a reader was going to be more convincing then my selfishness of just not wanting you to read it

You’re about to get a shit load of suggestions to drown mine out then


Well, I will be waiting for poll results, and will gladly review the story (if I didn’t already) just to participate in convo :slight_smile:


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Fair enough. :wink: … I love how everyone raves about your story, but in the corner, you and I just don’t want me to read it.

YAY! Good. That’s just what we need! :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:

Sound good! :grin::grin::grin:


The fact that people actually read my story makes me want to cry and eat cheesecake at the same time :sob::sob:

On another note… I love Cailla Brothers: Larceny :heart::heart:


Thanks for your support sam❤️