The Episode Community Book Club!


Our first week’s book of the community book club is…

Search for Love, by S.writes (@sofia.sigma)
About: Your life turns upside down when you try to escape from a toxic situation! Can you find the love you are looking for trying to escape?

Write your thoughts, about the selected book, in this review form, which you’ll find in the first post.

Caliope :wink:


Thank you everyone for your support💘


Oh… I have a lot to say.
Somebody stop me


Hey, just saw your second review. HAHA, Loved the second just as much as the first, and assume you want me to use that one instead.

Also, the people who voted for ‘Search for Love’, that’s the story of the week. So, you have five days to get your reviews in. :wink:

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I did two reviews?


Yeah, one on the first and the other yesterday.


shit, sorry. I was drunk when I was writing the first one :DDDD I thought I imagined that I actually wrote it. So yep, better use the second, as I think it is more reasonable and less emotional :DDDDDD


HAHAHAHA! Nice work. … Yeah, you were a little constructive. :wink:


Hey @CrazyCaliope

You were commenting on The Episode Community Stories Awards 2018 . Maybe you want to be the judge? If u have time obv.


Was I commenting? When? … Umm… What does that involve?


Shoot, no u weren’t. Short memory
Reading and evaluating stories :slight_smile:


Okaaay… but what’s the time frame like?


Every story will have to be evaluated by at least 3 judges.
Tomorrow I will sort all votes, to make it as easy for u as possible and distribute stories, as well as write down the guidelines. Judges who are present in certain categories won’t be evaluating stories from these categories.
You can use ur previous reviews.
You will remain anonymous.
There are less than 32 entries (as some are present in a few categories)


Righto, but when does it all have to concluded by?


I thought about 1 months, but it seemed to be unrealistic. I’ll keep it 2 months. If we finish faster, it’s fine.


Okay, if you need the extra manpower then I can help out.




ok, now I gotta read this thread again, cause I forgot everything. Back to square one.


Even if we didn’t vote for Search for the love, can we still read and review it?


Of course, you can.
Everyone can review and discuss the story, no matter if you voted or not. :wink: