The Episode Community Roundtable (Current Events Happening)

Hi. I decided to make this thread, for diversity, and different opinions basically. If anyone wants to join us (or me), feel free! :heart:
Question of the week: What are your views on current events that are happening right now? Anything. Feminism, politics, the economy, music… You name it!

  • No drama.
  • No fighting.
  • Allow everyone’s opinions to be heard, and discussed.
  • Even if you disagree, be respectful about it.
  • Be mature, please.

I won’t judge you for your opinions, however, I’ll add my input.


Episode needs to get off of their damn high horse along with some people in this community of “white, cisgender, straight” cast and add some diversity into their stories correctly!!


:clap:t3: :clap:t3: Big facts.

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Well, I would love to see a story about how the political system works : )

Also, as well as providing entertainment, Episode can be a platform that deals with educational stories, too.

Maybe even a section dedicated to learning.


You mean stories that have morals? Like, myths and fables?


I would love for them to have a story about a girl who has a disorder or experienced actual and realistic trauma in their life.


Me too.

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Stories with morals would actually be nice to have.


I know!

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DUDE! That’d be the bomb. Inspired!

I’m not entirely interested in current events at the moment…besides the caravan, I guess, which I have mixed feelings.


Damn, let me add this to my latest story.

What are your thoughts?

OH! Blaire White is transitioning because she wants kids!

Blaire White is a trans woman Youtuber, and she’s going off her hormones to try and have kids. That was something I was shocked about when I saw it. I mean, I watched her video before where she mentioned it, but I was still so surprised. I thought she’d adopt or something, not transition.

My thoughts on the caravan? Well, I’m not for open borders, I think immigrants should come here legally. I’ve listened to what a lot of the young men have said that are in the caravan, and they’re coming for better economic opportunity. Which is fine. I’m okay with that, I just want them to assimilate legally, become a US citizen.

I don’t doubt there are some families, but the vast majority aren’t families. There’s a right way to do it, and Trump’s idea for asylum is a good one, if they need it. I’m waiting and watching for updates.


True, but what is your definition of “legally”? The process of citizenship is even more difficult than it previously was.

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Right, the wait is long, which I think is BS personally.

But the petition they have to put through and get approved for, finish all the pending and receive all the documents. I want us to be able to do this faster.

So immigrants can apply for asylum even after coming here illegally, which…to be honest, I’m okay with because that makes sense. If you need asylum, you should be able to HAVE asylum and THEN worry about the specifics after you have asylum. There’s documents for that, too, that I think should be taken seriously. Again, I want the process to be more efficient, but I’d hope we do the best we can.

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beto or cruz? pick one

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Cruz…no contest.

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Denials are at their highest. What should we do about this?

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For what? Lol

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I think there just has to be vigilance and careful evaluation. If people are being denied asylum because they don’t need it, I’m for that. If people are being denied visas because they have a record or are less likely to be contributing, I’m also for that.

I wouldn’t call it an “invasion”, even though I’ve seen some of the points about this being an “invasion” and they kinda make sense…but wanting to come to a country even for better economic opportunity is a good thing in my opinion. Especially if they’re going to contribute to the economy!

Cruz and Beto were our guys for senate in Texas, though I’m not sure the point of that question either. lol

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Update on the caravan: Trump has given the okay to use lethal force at the border “if they have to”. That can mean a few different things. Of course, if you have to for defensive purposes, I’m down. But I wouldn’t be in full support if force wasn’t warranted.

He is threatening to completely shut down the border…again, mixed feelings. I feel like maybe it’d be okay temporarily while things calm down and we get things “under control”. It makes sense. Still, on the same note, the few people that are seeking asylum, I really hope they can get it.

There always has to be compromises/sacrifices. Such is the way of the world T.T

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