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How about mental illnesses? Yesterday, on Instagram, I saw a comment that said, “_ is selfish”, because the person committed suicide and left his wife and 4-year-old daughter… What do you think?


I’m on both sides of that argument. I think it is selfish to kill yourself, especially when people are counting and are dependent on you.

At the same time, I feel terrible for someone who is suffering so much, and I understand wanting an easy way out. It is a weak thing to do, to kill yourself or to try to do, and I’ve been there, so I know first hand how weak and pathetic you really have to be to be in that mindset. And it is so difficult to get out of it.

The only thing that separates me from that guy is that I failed in my attempts. That and…no one really depends on me, so I wouldn’t be too terribly missed/needed by anybody.

In fact, the thing that kept me from trying to kill myself more often was just my best friend existing. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough subconsciously because I’m always thinking about her. Can’t know for sure 100%, but that’s my theory. That, and of course God. Like…I literally shouldn’t have survived a couple messed up things I did, especially with no affect on my body.

Doing the things I did, some people had to go to hospitals to survive. I just woke up the next day like…??? LOL


I understand. I know it feels. I attempted to kill myself several times… Never worked. I don’t know who’s depending on me, who really hates and who actually loves me. It’s a never ending battle between life and death. I still think that I’m not important, or that I’m worthless. Or that no one loves me. But I’ve found love, and I don’t want to lose it. So I have to live somehow.


Yes! This is my favorite part of every story. God bless you <3 <3

No matter what you feel sometimes, it won’t ever change the facts, being that you’re loved <3


Aww. Where’s the gif from?


I’m not 100% sure. I think Supernatural? A show or movie? I saw it once on Facebook and I saved it, lol


The boy looks like Dan from Gossip Girl.


I’ve never seen Gossip Girl before.

I’ve never seen a lot of things before >.> too picky. lol




So…everyone hear about tumblr getting rid of their nasty nonsense recently?

That’s all cool and stuff, but there’s something else on the rise right now. These people called MAPs, which means that they’re pedophiles. Or…identifying as pedophiles, and they’re trying to normalize this now.

Feeling sick…


That’s why I don’t go on there. Recently I heard from a friend that Google+ is shutting down next year.


Tumblr is only good for profile pictures :slight_smile:


Right, I left Tumblr as quick as I joined years and years ago. So I’m not 100% how/if it got any worse, but now these MAPs (as the pedophiles like to call themselves now) are all over twitter, too.

More and more people are talking about “age of attraction” (AoA) and putting numbers as low as like 5-6. Claiming to be “virtuous pedophiles” or whatever and they’re trying to be part of the LGBT community.

So far, thank goodness, the LGBT is cutting them away, not claiming them. I hope to God that never happens…pedophilia should never be normalized.


In my country only Instagram and Facebook are popular so I was lucky enough to avoid twitter but from what I’ve heard it isn’t that different than Tumblr.

Like 6 7 years ago when I opened tumblr I remember it being a nice platform and now Im just disgusted. Paedophiles should get help and I personally will never tolerate it


As it never should be. Hashem yevarech otach <3 <3




UGH!!! So I just got into a discussion with a guy that thinks child porn should be protected under our first amendment.


It was this whole freedom of speech argument, and it baffles me. Like, this is becoming okay to people. Pedophilia is becoming normalized. I feel so freaking’ sick!

Our first amendment says that we have the freedom of speech, assembly, petition, press, and religion. This guy touched on speech and press. My initial argument was that hate speech wasn’t real. He asked me about all these different things. What if I was invited into your home and then said rude things about your mother and racist things about jews? My response was, you have the right to say that stuff. But now you’re uninvited, lol.

He said that proves that I didn’t want free speech. No…you have the right to say these things. That’s the free speech. What happens after doesn’t infringe on your right to free speech.

So we brought up pedophilia. And I have strong feelings about this, and I was like “dude…you shouldn’t joke about pedophilia.” More evidence that I’m against free speech? No…it is my free speech and my opinion that people shouldn’t joke about pedophilia. It doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to make tasteless jokes like that.

So, in that case, child porn would be okay? BRUH! How do people get to these conclusions?

So, I had to explain this. Freedom of speech and press is that you have the right to say and cover whatever you want unless it infringes on others’ freedoms. Duh. Like you can’t yell “fire” at a restaurant; can’t go “shark” at a beach. And you can’t film and post literal rape because that’s illegal as all hell. How’s this complicated?

And then this asshat goes into more details about what child porn even is mentioned like, “It is just a doll, it is just a drawing, it is just lolita” Like…I don’t know anything about porn personally, so like >.>

I think I actually ran into a pedophile that opposes free speech. -concern-


Child porn is a good thing. What is wrong with our society?


Big facts.


Trigger warning.

I hope he is so outspoken to the wrong person. I would’ve reported him. Whether or not he’s physically hurting children, he is indirectly bc the monsters who make child porn have more of a reason to do it when disgusting filth support it (supply + demand.)