The Episode Community Stories Awards 2018


Yeah, yeah, awards are trending now. :joy:

The end of the year 2018 is coming to an end, and how about we take time to appreciate stories, made by our wide, diverse and quite creative community and take a look into non-featured stories?


Best Romance Story
@Ellec Dying Love
@MissLibra - Trust The Love
@Days - Crossed Paths
@Paula_R_Ordonez - Spa Rebound
@aprilish - Silhouettes
@lanafrazer_episode - My First Love - The Black Prince
@Soe_Jaded - Not So Beneficial

Best Mystery Story
@Kuen - Rose
@Dxmonds - Risen
@TheRealKayElle - Sherlock in Love

Best Drama Story
@Shanzella - Changing for Bad
@missmac1 - For the Love of the Gang
@evieepisode - Broken
@Lex2 - Too Much Baby Mama Drama
@ChaoticDreamz - Stand By Me
@goth.gaia - From This Day Forward
@bridi - A Captive Life
@Mystery.episode - Skai’s Stories
@PrettyEri - Kotton Kandie
@JemU776 - Supernatural Desire
@Metalicious - Life is Beautiful
@Chida - I am You
@gisellec - Blades of Desire
@BarS - The Night we Met
@chloex - Seven Roses
@Alisha.Sophie - Wherever I go
@tamtome.episode - The Conflict

Best Horror Story
@Maria.StoryWritter - I Will Always Find You
@EliseC - Hit and Run
@Caitoriri - The Infected

Best Action Story
@Chy.Dillon - Hidden Behind Lies
@Joanna_Banana - Better on my Own
@Owlquest - Hunt or Get Hunted
@Sayanjali_Rizvi - Unknown Past
@AS007 - Microcide
@Lady_Cannella - Color My Life
@KateB_episode - Fragments of the Past

Best Comedy Story
@Lex2 - Too Much Baby Mama Drama
@jessfox13 - Black Betty
@LiaLopez - Rewinded Life
@Annieways - College Days: Psychology 101
@amberose - One of the Girls
@Mehaslim2 - Santa’s Naughty List

Best Directing
@wincyyellow - Moonlit Feathers
@fcukforcookies - Pine Hollow: Hex of the Three
@mila.episodes - Remember Me
@LyraKeiken - Villainous Heroes
@Luna.Episode.Author - Autumn Falls

Fan Favorite Story - Vote in the form provided in the link below

Best Thriller Story
@maddievstories - Blue River
@SarahLuv - Wounded Souls
@ANERIS - The Darkness’s Touch
@Kls12s - Her Secrets His Sins
@Chida - I Am You

Best Adventure Story
@ErinH - From Riches to Rags
@Owlquest - Hunt or Get Hunted
@Vaena - Telvokai
@MidnightMaiden - The Three Little Wolves

Best Fantasy Story
@viviwhite - Cyber
@Lyzze - Starborne
@Epithet - Subverted
@fcukforcookies - Pine Hollow: Hex of the Three
@Chy.Dillon - Tainted Souls
@anby - Your Silhouette
@KerriStrwberry - Mischief Night
@S_Unique - The Four Horsemen
@XxAlphaBetaxX - Welcome to the Amazon Forest
@LyraKeiken - Villainous Heroes
@Alexmiw - The Angel House
@wincyyellow - The Ruby Tiara
@TalGordin - Catching Coal
@Menia - Dark Temptation
@TLdax913 - Essentia
@Himeji - Fantastical: Empress of Time

Best Story Cover
@fcukforcookies - Pine Hollow: Hex of the Three
@ElleC - Dying Love
@Chy.Dillon - Hidden Behind Lies
@Brooklyn_writes - Like a Boss

Judges Needed

Please apply if you are 16 y.o. or older.

Read rules before posting your vote

  1. You can’t vote for your own story
  2. Only one vote per Forum member for each category.
  3. When voting, mention category. One story may be in one genre category only, but it can be present in best directing as well. Please be objective and honest in your votes. We all have friends here, and of course, we want to support them. If you don’t want to publish your vote here, feel free to write me in DM.
  4. When voting for Fan Favorite, you must mention your username, so that voting is transparent. It can be the story of any genre.
    Fan Favorite Vote Questionnaire
  5. Judges can put votes as well

Do we nominate stories for the categories through here?
Yes! Or DM me, if you are uncomfortable in showing your preferences. Fan favorite story is voted through the Google form provided above.

I can nominate only one story?
You can nominate only one story but in all categories presented.

I think you should add _____ category!
Really? Write on the comments and we will consider it.

I want to nominate Chain reaction/other featured story/ex-featured stories!
Nope. These Awards are only for non-featured stories.

I want to nominate the story, but it is written by one of the judges.
It’s okay, you totally can. Judges won’t be evaluating categories, where their stories were nominated. Also their stories will be evaluated anonymously, to make the process even more transparent.

Cool! I’m gonna go and ask all my friends to vote for me.
Bad idea. If such activity will be exposed, your story will be eliminated from competition and writer’s and his/her voters will be forbidden to vote. Once such activity is suspected, you will be invited to give comments on it. We will investigate it, considering your words. If you won’t provide any answer in 3 days (your activity is checked in profile, so that I won’t ban someone, who couldn’t find time to get to the Forums), we will eliminate your story.

Did you count my vote?
Once you see that your comment with nominations was liked by me, it means that I put your entries in.

Can we nominate a contest entry?
Totally! As long as it is not a featured story.

Does it make sense to nominate a story that was already mentioned?
Yes! More than one vote will also make a difference in evaluation. Just be sincere in your sympathies.

Can we nominate the Fan Favorite in a genre category as well?
No. For Fan Favorite you nominate only one story, your favorite stories of all the genres.

I voted for the same forum member for different categories because she has 2 different stories. Do I need to change one of my votes?
Not at all. You can vote for one author’s multiple stories. You can’t put ONE STORY for different genres (like romance and drama for example, but you can put ONE STORY for 1` genre category and for example best directing or cover categories.)

I have been featured in the bad girls shelf so I won’t be participating in here.
You can still post your votes. :slight_smile:

Which one of my stories were voted?
Just check categories list, it is constantly updated with all the votes.

I want to nominate one story, but I don’t remember the author.
Well, please find. Vote won’t be considered without the author, as many titles are being used by a few or more authors.

Evaluation Process
Fan Favourite story is evaluated by the vote count.
Genre categories and best directing category are evaluated by judges, who will read stories.
Voting Deadline is 31 of December.
Evaluation is expected to be finished by the end of the January



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