The Episode Community Stories Awards 2018


For thriller did not know she was on the forum. Love that story.


Best Romance
Trust the love by @MissLibra

Best Fantasy
Dark Tempetation by @Menia

Best Thriller
Her Secrets His Sins by @Kls12s


Best Romance
Trust the Love by @MissLibra

Best Fantasy
Essentia by @TLdax913

Best Thriller
Her Secrets His Sins by @Kls12s

Best Drama
Wherever I Go by @Alisha.Sophie


Best Fantasy: Fantastical: Empress of Time by @Himeji
Best Romance: Crossed Paths by @Days
Fan Favourite: Dark Temptation by @Menia


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Best action- @KateB_episode Fragments of the past


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So you want me to put a story suggestion in a comment?


Yeah. There are categories in the post, just put stories u consider the best in these categories. One per category, u can vote in every category, but u don’t have to vote in every one if u don’t have a story to vote for.


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@fcukforcookies if you need anymore judges, I’d be interested.


Best Romance Story: Trust The Love by @MissLibra
Best Drama Story: The Conflict by @tamtome.episode
Best Action Story: Hunt or Get Hunted by @Owlquest
Best Comedy: Black Betty by @jessfox13
Best Fantasy: Essentia by @TLdax913
Best Directing: Autumn Falls by @Luna.Episode.Author
Fan Favorite: Dark Temptation by @Menia