The Episode Community Stories Awards 2018


Do we nominate stories for the categories through here?


More tags!



@fcukforcookies do we? I SO LUV THIS USERNAME :joy:


Yes. Either here or in DM if you’re not comfortable in showing your preferences :slight_smile:


Why thank you ^^


@lanafrazer_episode thanks for the tag :heart_eyes:. Man this will be hard. I have a favorite for almost every category. :thinking:
Tagging people


At least! I was afraid no one’s gonna vote, because when someone posts “Share you favourite story” everyone just posts their own :smiley:


Yes, I noticed that.




I’d like to nominate
Changing for Bad by @Shanzella for Best Drama


Ay! Thanks for the tag @Maria.StoryWritter💜
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I literally want to pull my hair. But I will have to nominate Dying Love @Ellec for Best Romance. :sweat: There are so many wonderful stories out there. This was hard.


Ah damn! I forgot to tag her :sleepy:
Great choice!


I was down between you ,her and Jem. So it was a hard choice.


I understand! And I understand why you picked dying love, its amazing :heart_eyes:


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Thank you for the tags :blue_heart::kissing_heart: got to go get my list know.


Okay so only being able to vote once is going to kill me :tired_face:


This is stress at its finest :tired_face:


guys, it is okay to choose who stories that you like the most, there will always be another awards like this for other stories that will be chosen to your liking. Dont worry, its hard to choose but it was your choice. :100::heavy_check_mark::+1::sunglasses: