The Episode Community Stories Awards 2018


You seem to be excited about these Awards even more than I am :smiley: :joy:


Itโ€™s stressful because there are so many amazing stories and Iโ€™m stuffed on who to choose :tired_face::flushed:


Iโ€™m trying to choose stories to nominate, dang I have so many 0_0


Yeah, maybe, but im just showing support. :100::heavy_check_mark::joy::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


You can choose for all the genres and other categories, so donโ€™t worry that much :smiley:


Ik hun. :100::heavy_check_mark::+1:


I know :pleading_face:


To my chosen, best drama story, is Too Much Baby Mama Drama by @Lex2


Oh my, I read it :smiley: Was making a review, and for me it was like the most hilarious story Iโ€™ve read in long time. I was suggesting to the writer to make t a comedy series.


ikr. loved it.


Maybe then apply it for comedy genre? I think itโ€™ll have far more chances.




I nominate Moonlit Feathers by @wincyyellow for Best Directing. :slight_smile:


@rk.storiesss you might want to see this thread




Wait we can choose 1 person per category?


Trust the love by @MissLibra for romance.


yes. she has good directing skills


Yes! Totally. And for each category if you want to.


Id like to nominate From Riches to Rags by @ErinH for best Adventure
For The Love of The Gang @missmac1 for best Drama
I will always find you @Maria.StoryWritter for best Horror