The Episode Community Stories Awards 2018


Best fantasy:
The four horsemen by - @S_Unique :purple_heart:


@fcukforcookies I’m not sure I understand the rules. Does it make sense to nominate a story that was already mentioned? Can we nominate the Fan Favourite in a genre category as well?


Just vote for your favourite story. Be sincere. It doesn’t matter it was presented by someone else already.
Fan favourite is your one favourite story in all genres.


Thanks so much, love!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


:weary::sob:thank you!!!




:weary::weary:you guys are the best!!:sob::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Rowan2 is excluded from Judge list, because he/she lied about the age requirement and his/her votes won’t be taken in account. .
I will post it publicly, because if you lie, be ready for consequences.


Wow thank you so much :sob::sob::sob:. Was gonna turn around vote yours but yours is already up there! :sunglasses::star::star::star::heart: @Lyzze


Omg anytime dear! I loved your story and it deserves all the recognition it can get bae! :kissing_heart: and thank you too !!! :kissing_heart::two_hearts::blush:


“Kotton Kandie” - @PrettyEri

“RISEN” - @Dxmonds


Best Drama - changing bad by @Shanzella

Best Adventure- hunt or get hunted by @Owlquest

Best fantasy @fcukforcookies - Pine Hollow: Hex of the Three

Best romance @Paula_R_Ordonez - Spa Rebound

Best Action Story
@Chy.Dillon - Hidden Behind Lies


Wow. Thank you so much :smiley:


Thank you love! :kissing_heart::two_hearts:


Thank you :purple_heart: :heart:


Best Drama - Changing For Bad by @Shanzella
Best Comedy - Black Betty by @jessfox13
Best Adventure - From Riches to Rags by @ErinH
Best Fantasy- The Four Horseman by @S_Unique


Thank you so much! :two_hearts:


Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you, Boops!!


Cover. I know your up thier. But had to check your cover and that is one sweet cover. Pine Hollow:Hex of the three by @fcukforcookies