The Episode Community Stories Awards 2018


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I’m confused at the tagging, but here you go, you definitely deserve one!


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Thank u for tagging but I have been featured in the bad girls shelf so I won’t be participating in here :sweat_smile:


U can still vote :slight_smile: and congratulations on being featured.


Best romance: crossed paths by @Days
Best mystery: risen by @Dxmonds
beat drama: skais stories by @Mystery.episode
Best horror: I will always find you by @Maria.StoryWritter
Best action: hidden behind lies by @Chy.Dillon
Best comedy: reminded life by @LiaLopez
Best directing: @fcukforcookies


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Thank you so much for the voted :heart:


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Girl, you remembered my story! :sob: Thank you!


Best romance @ElleC
Best drama @Shanzella
Best horror @maria.storywritter
Best action @Joanna_Banana
Best comedy @Lex2
Best directing @fcukforcookies
Best adventure @Owlquest
Best fantasy @anby
Best story cover @ElleC


Best Horror - The Infected by @Caitoriri
Best Mystery - Sherlock in Love by @TheRealKayElle
Best Adventure - Telvoikai by @Vaena


Thanks for tagging me! What is this about?




Thank you for the nomination! :grin: