The Episode Heard Awards

(Are you a small author struggling to get recognition? Well, this is the thread for you!)

Dear Episodians,

We are pleased to announce a reader chosen community stories hidden gem contest. The winners of this contest will be promoted on all personal social media accounts lead by the group leaders as well as anyone else who would like to help with promotion (see below for more information). The stories will also be announced on the Heard Awards Official Instagram.

Due to the small numbers of our team we are currently only accepting up to 70 stories. In the future we will possibly accept more.

  1. You must not submit your story if it has over 2000 reads. This contest is to help the authors that get very little exposure and are struggling at the moment.
  2. You must have at least 3 episodes completely done and published before you can submit.
  3. Your story must be published.
  4. Your story is not allowed to have any guideline breaking behavior in it. While we are not the episode team, we will be using our own discretion to determine if we think a story disqualifies due to this.
  5. You must fill the form out completely before or you will not be eligible to enter. This is very important.
  6. You are allowed to nominate stories if you’d like, but the author still has to follow the rules and fill out the form.
How Do You Decide The Stories for Round 2 (The voting round)?

Since we are only accepting the first 70 stories that adhere to the rules our small team will read through them and then decide a score out of 100% for them.

We will be scoring the stories based on:

  1. Directing
  2. Storytelling
  3. Grammar/Spelling
  4. Characters
  5. How well we liked the story overall.

We are only reading the first episode of each one. This is so we can get through all 70, but also because if a story isn’t good at episode 1 it’s probably not going to be much better throughout.


We want you all to only vote on the best of the best, so once our group has gone through the first 70 stories to get submitted we will let you all know the ones that have an 80% or higher score. All these stories will then be listed in the forums for people to pick their top 3 favorites. It is strongly encouraged that you read (at least one chapter of) all if not most of the stories on the list. We are giving you all 2 weeks to do so.

At the end of the month we will pick the winners based on your votes!

"How Many Winners?

We want this to be as beneficial for everyone, while also not taking promotion away from other people because there are too many stories. Depending on the amount right now we’re looking at between 9-15 stories.

Social Media Promo

We are in need of people who would be willing to share the stories of the winners once they are announced. This can be over Instagram, Facebook, the Forums, etc. We just need people willing to share. If you are interested please comment down below with your instagram/other social media handles and we will add you to our social media list! We are in need of as many people as possible for this.

Timeline (When Things Are Due)

All Stories are to be submitted by November 30th. This should give you all a bit of time to do edits if you’d like.

Our Team will try to have all stories gone through by December 15th.

Voting Will Open December 16th and be open for 2 weeks . You are not allowed to vote on your own story.

The End of December/Beginning of January we will pick the winners!

Good luck and we hope you join! :grin:

Stories Submitted
  1. All That Remains by @writerren
  2. Strawberries and Cigarettes by @epi.noor
  3. Target by @Writer_SA
  4. Masked: filled with lies by GinaaShaa
  5. Dominant by @Sky99
  6. We Were There by @dnanayn
  7. Hydra by @Connie1
  8. Criminal Attraction by @Sweet.episode
  9. You are my sunshine by @Faith.episode.cats
  10. Loving Me by @Jewel_s
  11. Love In Trouble by @heeralee
  12. Tokyo Underground by @Southampton23
  13. Winter Axiom: Parallel by Lauren
  14. Against All Odds by @ChiieRose
  15. My Lovely Mistake by @EmmaS1
  16. Easily Broken by @josephine.writes
  17. Keep It Undercover by @kikiwhite
  18. Halloween: Deadly Nightshade by Faith
  19. Without Her by @MarinaK
  20. SAVE ME BEFORE I FALL by @curlybae
  21. Counting Stars by @Meesa215
  22. Assassins by @inkkee
  23. Rise of Uthutia by @Reenababee
  24. The Special Ones by @annaepi
  25. Dark Descent by @gremlin.writes
  26. The House Party by @gremlin.writes
  27. The Princess of Fiore by @inkkee
  28. The Devil Inside Me by @cece_hunter
  29. The Fate of Fire by @AdyElly
  30. Miss Understood by @TheSunflowerQueen
  31. Wrong From Right by @Briana_M
  32. Remnant Past by @Madhu
  33. Polizzis’ Secrets (LL) (CC) by @delicia2002
  34. Agent 66: Born to Kill by @Rose.xo_97
  35. Special Gift by @R0m3110T
  36. Stranded by @episode.vogue
  37. Uncontrollable by @ellaepisode1
  38. Bittersweet Life by @ade.le
  39. Set Me On Fire by @Lizzie.epi
  40. Criminal Desires by @zina
  41. Foster my heart by @Dodo.episode
  42. Beyond Reality by @Dorky
  43. Ruthless Doll (18) by @queencath
  44. Wish you were weird by @fnepisode
  45. Lovely Belated by @Dee_Dee1015
  46. Scandalous Secrets by Ava Lauren
  47. © Tribe of Malapinchi (Original) [Complete] by @JannahJackson
  48. Some Sort of Drama by @Dmfan91
  49. Trust Issues by @IvanaXo
  50. A Queen’s Crown by @Raven.episode
  51. Lovely Betrayal by @Clove
  52. Far Away by @Catlover77
  53. Dangerous DNA by @Catlover77
  54. Cruisin by @lesley.writes
  55. Within the Sky (Limelight) by @xxjustlivexx
  56. The Mermaid by @PaulaSG
    Sweet Things by @Sunas
    New Face by @ThePublisher
    Obsessed by @Kbail
    Projection by @kahotshot
    Truth Addiction by @mishka
    Solo by @Bithi
    Her Alpha, His Omega by @gremlin.writes
    Everybody Hates Me by @norzana
    Hidden Lies: Rose by @Ams007
    The Wrong Match by @Hijiko
    Roxy Moon: Let The War Begin by @VeVe.episode
    Eternal Oblivion by @SilverLady



Now this is very cool for small authors!


Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you so much! This is really cool :blob_hearts: I just send in the application <3


im going to enter, going to give it a go. :sunglasses::smiley: wait, @Baleigh_episode are all styles accepted or just ink & LL?


We don’t mind any style. We really want to focus on the stories and directing, not the never-ending LL/Ink battle


lol, thanks. :sunglasses:


Alright guys, we’re opening a Q&A, so if you have any question regarding the awards, ask below and either me or any other member will answer you!


Hi! What if we just started our story? We won’t have enough time to send it to you and we’ll miss the voting! When is the next awards?


How many stories can you vote and how many can you put forms?


You can participate with as many of your stories as you want. As for the voting, when it will be time for that we suggest you only vote for one story.

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We don’t know when the next awards will be but I can make sure to tag you on the announcing post when it happens if you’d like

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That would be great, thank you!


@Faith.episode.cats To clarify, you can enter a couple of your stories if you want, but please do not enter the same story in two different styles (LL & Ink for example). And for the voting, we recommend you vote for your top three favorite stories when they’ll be announced.




This is so amazing and helpful of you to help out the small authors such as myself. Its been really hard to get noticed since I started. I’m definitely signing up.


Hey guys! A little update : there are 53 spots left. Remember, you have until November 30th to submit your stories!

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Hey, I submitted my story but wanted to check you’d received it. Is there a list of the stories that are entered? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m working on a list. It’ll be updated today. :grin:


Thank you so much❤️ Also I only made Against all odds I don’t know who the author of My Lovely mistake is.