The Episode School (Official RP!)


Here it is…! If you missed the signups, you can join in as a new student or teacher, but be sure to remind me first so your name can be added to this list.
1.No disrespect of God, Religion, cultures, ect…
2.No breaking the forth wall. (unless within parenthesis) EX: (Sup, GiGi! Mind if I change my name to Bob?) or something like that.
3.No fighting. (unless RP)
4.Please try not to break out of your personally. If you choose to have a sudden change in personality (such as bad girl gone good, ect…) Feel free to, but keep it casual.:wink:
5. Play as no more than 5 characters.

Vivi -17 @ViviOfficially
Emethyst - 16 @Sahara16
Scarlet V - 14 @ScarletV
Dina Wringler -17 @MockingJay
Gina Belmonte - 16 @Zabica
Marty Friday - 15 @MysteryMaker
Clayton “Clay” Burgess - 17 @CrazyCaliope
Maxin Padio - 17 @RudeInception
Coco Cook - 16 @JesusLover2.0
Scottie - 17 @lilysmith10
Eva - 18 @lilysmith10
Roxanne -17 @SilverStar
Cleo - 16 - @girlboss
Rosie Garcia - 17 @Briar.R
GiGi - 13 @GiGi_is_Me
Liv - 14 @Hannah_minna

Eli Manchester (Mr. Manchester// Mr. M) - ELA//Spelling @MockingJay
Janet Heist (Miss. Heist) - IT @Zabica
Connor McDonald (Mr Mac) -Drama/ Theater @CrazyCaliope
Ace Tasman (Mr. Ace) - mythology @lilysmith10

Malia Valasco (Mrs. Valasco) @MockingJay

Vice Principal:
Geoff (Geoffery) Swanson @Zabica

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:scream_cat: can we let the rp begin? :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:





I wake up in the morning and put on my dress and brushed my teeth . I didn’t do my hair I just left it the way it was . I take my real military bag that a real marine gave her after he quit military and stole the bag … She always had something for older men because they weren’t as childish . She then got in her car . She drove to school and got to the lockers .

ORP : Approchable


Was already at school in her regular ripped up jeans and a blue jacket. Had her backpack in her arms as she tried hiding herself behind it. Slowly she made her way to her locker.

Was standing by the sign that had the “parking”, smoking his cigarette.



I quickly get out to take a thing I forgot in my car and I saw a dude standing near the parking sign …

I walk up to him “You got one?”



Pulls out a new pack and hands it to her. “Lighter should still be in there.”


Nods while holding out a pack of cigarette.

Opens up her looker and grades her things. With a sigh, she closes her locker.



I take my cig and then I gave her a cig @lilysmith10 and @SilverStar


ORP : i know you’re new but this is how it goes “talking text must be under these”


Puffs out a smoke as he puts the pack of cigs back in his pants pocket. Pulls out a lighter and hands it out two the two. With a sigh he says, “another day in paradise.”


Oh, okay
Lights the cigarette and smoke.


"What’s your classes? "


*grabs books, pencils, laptop, and notebooks to stuff into her book bag
*adjust glasses
"Realized that I am the youngest kid at this school, wow. "


Chuckles, “you mean the thing I usually never show for?” Takes a minute to think. “I believe art is my first class of the day…” takes another puff from his cigarette.

Hurrys to the library



Before lighting it I put my cig in a pocket as a man walks across towards the doors and he stops to grunt at us .


When I woke up I put my shirt before leaving. I go to school and find a couple of smokers .

“Oh hell no”



"I’m planning to just show up once in a while, and then skip the rest. "


"Dear Geoff, Want some cigarettes? ":smirk:


Cleo is inside the library, reading a mythology book.



“Is this how you speak to your vice principal?”

@lilysmith10 @SilverStar