The EpisodeStudio Epic Thread!


Hello, everyone, it’s Episode Studio. We have decided to do something we believe not many other groups/users have done before.
A mega, epic, super thread!

ATTENTION! We will not accept requests if they are also requested on multiple other threads unless there’s a valid reason for it. It will almost certainly not be accepted.

Hiring Opportunities
We have a big group of members, but only a few of us are on often. We will announce volunteer opportunities here.


You can request here! When you request something, we will set up a PM with you and one or more of our members. Please remember to send screenshots of you character and outfit details so we can get your request(s) to you with more ease and speed.

Please fill out these templates for requests:

Cover/Splash template

Character(s) screenshots:
Outfit screenshots
Anything else:

Character edit template

Character screenshots:
Outfit screenshots:

Background edit template

What you want edited:

Directing help template

Screenshot/blurb describing problem:
What you need to happen:

Story Review template

Story title/link:

Profile picture template

Character screenshots:
Outfit screenshots:

Art scene template

Character screenshots:
Outfit screenshots:
Custom positioning:
Any type of filters?

We hope your experience with us is satisfying!

Contest Announcements

We often have multiple Contests and to get it known to the public, we will announce it here! We will provide the link so PLEASE don’t post any entries here.


If there are any questions you have about EpisodeStudio, the members, or basically just life in general, we can answer those here!

Support us

As some of you may know, @EpisodeStudio is filled with talented yet underappreciated artists on the forums. You can support us by sharing a link or recommending us as we love to help the community.

From all the members of Episode Studio, thank you for choosing us!

Vice-Presidents -
Thanks ahead of time for your request!

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Profile picture

good job.


Yay! This is awesome!


Thanks ladies!!!


I need something.


what do you need


a splash


send the info


I want them holding hands.





who is doing it?




Yay!!! Our first request on the new thread!!!




I’m gonna need 12 chapter edits.


We have plenty of ladies on the team that would love to help you with that!!!
~EpisodeStudio President


let all of them know of my request then :grin:


I just did!! If you pm me the infor I will get the most started on them so we don’t make the thread to much to early… lol
~President of EpisodeStudio


Just so you know I meant splashes not edits.