The Epy Awards [2018] Official Thread


When do you announce the winners?


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Also on Instagram they said that submissions for the 2018 awards are closed.

@Gracex I am 95% sure late in the year like December according to their Instagram


SO, when they say to sign up for 2019 publish after july 20, My story says published July 27th, but do you they mean the very first publish or any published/on-going story?


Early December! 5th- 15th Dec, hopefully! :slight_smile:


We mean, the very first publish should be after 20th July 2018, if you want your story to be eligible for Epy Awards 2019! :slight_smile: We’re trying to keep it an academy type of award, so people don’t keep entering the same stories every year! ^^


Wait, so this is for people that entered the contest, but didn’t win? I didn’t put my book through, but in a sense it would be old.


No, this is in reference to those who missed the submission window for this year’s Epy Awards! :slight_smile:


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Congrats to all the winners :slight_smile: