🍩 The Epy Donut Awards 2020 - WINNERS!

As a small author, I know that feeling of joy when someone recognizes the story that you’ve been working on for months, or even years. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: That’s why I’ve decided to host my own awards dedicated only for small Episode authors (under 50,000 total reads).

  • There’s going to be four judges.

  • You can nominate your own story.

  • An author can be nominated two times in the same genre but with different stories.

  • Are you going to get a badge for your cover? :star_struck: YES!

  • Does the story have to be finished? No, it has to be at least three chapters long.

  • Am I obsessed with doughnuts? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: * cough * Nooo…why would you think that? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

:doughnut: Currently reading. :doughnut:

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Finished Genres:
Adventure, Mystery, Romance, Thriller/Horror, Comedy, Action and Drama.

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:star_struck: The Epy Donut Awards - First round nominations :star_struck:

Adventure: :100: FULL.

Ophetine And The 5 Tasks by: Episode.Honeyy
IG: @episode.honeyy / Forum: @EpisodeHoneyy

Unexpected Christmas
IG: @nettie_episode / Forum: @Nettie_episode

The Crown (1-3 OUT) by: Muna Diamonds
IG: @writtenbymuna / Forum: @munadiamonds

The Mechanic (limelight) by: Muna Diamonds
IG: @writtenbymuna / Forum: Muna Diamond

Trouble Twins (LL) by: May Laugh
IG: @maylaugh_episode

Queer: Love Intruder by: Nicky Valentina
IG: @nicky.writes / Forum: @NickyValentina

Thriller / Horror: :100: FULL.

Soulless by: TLDax913
IG: @tldaxwrites / Forum: @TLdax913

Proxy by: Rozozzy
IG: rozozzy

Stand by Me by: ChaoticDreamz
IG: @ChaoticDreamz.stories

Pathway to Reality by: Victoria
IG: @victoriaecs.episode

Thriller: Voodoo by: Miumi.hp
IG: @miumi.episode / Forum: @Miumi.hp

Action: :100: FULL.

Bleeding Roses by: Writer’s Block
IG: @write.rsblock / Forum: @lostintranslation

SHADO by: Roy
IG: @roy_episode / Forum: @Roy

Survivors by: Natalia
IG: nat_writes / Forum: @KarollNatalia

Danger of Darkness (LL) by Writer_TNK
IG: @writer_tnk

Second round.

Memory Labyrinth by: Luna Schwarz
IG: @schwarzproduction / Forum: @luna_schwarz

Mafia Descent: Price to Pay by: Goldrose.Epy
IG: LeeLee.Epy / Forum: @GoldenWaves

Comedy: :100: FULL.

Benio by: Lia Lopez

The Lame Life of an Episodian by: Lia Lopez

Between Fire and Ice by: MM
IG and forum: @episode_mm

That One Moment by: KiKi
IG and forum: @kiki.writes.things

The Wrong Match by: Hijiko
IG: hijiko.episode / Forum: @Hijiko

Love From Another Realm by: T.S. Taylor
IG: @TSTaylor.episode

Mystery: :100: FULL.

Remembering Me by: Merry Mirrors
IG:@Merrymirrors / Forum: @MerryMirrors

Author: Lynn Ann
Her stories: “Too Good to be True” and “My Cutie Detective”
Forum: @LynnAnn

Evil obsession by Gia Cereni
IG: giacereni / Forum: @GiaCereni

Afterlife by Raniksa.episode
IG: @raniksa.episode

Romance: :100: FULL.

Thank You, Next! by: Lia Lopez

Queer: Daisy by: Bertha
IG: @bertha_episode / Forum: @Bertha

Even Angels Have Demons by: Holli Berri
IG: @holli_writes / Forum: @HolliBerri

Josephine (LL) by: Matilda
IG: @matilda.episode / Forum: @Matilda_the_lovely

The Song to My Heart by: Nicky Valentina
IG: @nicky.writes / Forum: @NickyValentina

Ephemeral Encounter by Merry Mirrors
IG:@Merrymirrors / Forum: @MerryMirrors

Author: Lynn Ann
Her stories: “Love Me Again?” and “One Final Chance”
Forum: @LynnAnn

Fantasy: :100: FULL.

Rewinded Life by: Lia Lopez

Welcome to the Amazon Forest: by XxAlphaBetaxX
IG: @xxalphabetaxx.writes / Forum: @XxAlphaBetaxX

Dark Essence by: TLDax913
IG: @tldaxwrites / Forum: @TLdax913

The Power Of Music by: AdyElly & Episode.Honeyy
IG: @episode.honeyy + @episode.adyelly
Forum: @EpisodeHoneyy + @AdyElly

Tribe of Malapinchi by: Jannah Jackson
IG:@jannahjackson.works / Forum: @JannahJackson

Wings Of Light by: How.novel
IG: @hownovel.episode / @How_Novel

Necromancers LL / INK by: Madhu
IG: @epi.enchantress / Forum: @Madhu

Crossing Wolrds by: Gabriella Fradrick
IG: @gaby.fradrick / Forum: Gazza_Episode

Drama: :100: FULL.

Chivalry is Dead by: Jaira
IG: @jaira.writes

She Knows Best by RHI RHI (BEEBS07)
IG: reeree7110 / Forum: @BEEBS07

Motherly by: Drama_Club_Girl_25
IG: @drama_club_girl_25.episode / Forum: @Drama_club_25

I married my troublemaker limelight by: Miss Deepika
IG: Orangeweedie.episode / Forum: @orangeweedie

The Fate Of Fire by: AdyElly
IG: @episode.adyelly / Forum: @AdyElly

The popular one and the Badboy by: Mutya
IG: @mutya.episode /Forum: @Mutya_87

On The Brink by: Seep Mukta
IG: @mukta.episode / Forum: @Seep_Mukta

Queer: Blended by: Matilda
IG: @matilda.episode / Forum: @Matilda_the_lovely

Poorly in love by: britte
IG: @britte.writes

Queer: Camp Heimat by: Phoenix_Hope
IG: @Phoenix_hope.episode / Forum: @Phoenix_Hope

Stay by KiKi
IG and forum: @kiki.writes.things

Poison by: Spooky Sherry
IG: @Rabecca.stories / Forum: @SpookySherry

Lace of the Matter
ig- epic.ice_episode


Define small author? Under 1,000 reads? Under 10,000 reads? Under 100,000 reads?


Under 50,000 reads. :blush:


sorry to bother you, but you forgot to add “horror” on the part where we select the story genre


:anguished: Oh my, I just added it. Thanks for letting me know.


How do we know if it’s submitted or not…?

Don’t you think it’ll will be easy if you add story’s link (suggestions) :wink:

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Unfortunately, due to the new update of the app, I can’t access to story links. That’s why I asked for the name of the story and the author.

:wink: Don’t worry, all the stories are being recorded automatically.

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and here I am, thought that there’s a donut giveaway lol


i’m publishing in July… can i still enter?

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:joy: Hahahaha!

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On what day in July are you going to release your story? :hushed: I can extend the deadline to the 15th.

between the 7th and 10th

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:wink: You can enter.


sigh of relief


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:laughing: You’re welcome!

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This is a really cool idea!! But what If the author doesn’t have an account in the forums? And can I nominate several stories?


Cool idea so I entered but now I’m craving a donut so thanks for that :donut: :donut: :donut:

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I don’t have an IG and and wasn’t going to get it any time soon… so like should should i get it sooner?

When are the nominations closing? I am publishing end of this month and this is my first story so I think it won’t be too popular haha and I’d love to enter!

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As long as the author has Instagram, it doesn’t matter. :hugs:

Sure, if you have several stories you can include them in different genres.

LOL! :joy: Thanks for entering!

:blush: It doesn’t have to be finished.

Nope, I will announce the winners here as well. :blush: