The Escape (Official RP)


It is 2060 and earth is about to be destroyed by a virus. You are kidnapped from your families and used as an experiment to cure it. You are there with other people and form relationships. You thought it was bad enough, but when monsters that shouldn’t exist roam around and puzzles are formed your escape got a lot harder… who kidnapped you? Will you escape? Can you still save the world?

To start off all experiments will begin in “The Dome” (a dome like invisible structure surrounding a small camp like area).
Map is posted on FC’s

Also there will be riddles for the Experiments to solve (made by me) for blueprints… good luck

  1. swearing is allowed but either use a * above word
  2. No inappropriate or sensitive subjects please.
  3. No… i mean no drama.
  4. dont get upset if the riddles are too hard.
  5. No god mode-ing, I will be the head of the experiment so any major changes must be run through me first.
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Group Sorting

Group 1: Jessica Ward, Lia Ambers
Group 2: Briar Karaba, Zack Corzo
Group 3: Cora Minsts, Moon Stars, Morgan Pierce
Group 4: Alexis Flores, Bronwyn
Group 5: Rikey Rowens, Moral Jones
Group 6: Drew Winters, Oasis

Those in RP:
@C_ssie @Owertym @ThatRandomPerson @livvy613 @Art3Miss @UltimaW @wildstyle103


Bright lights flask red over and over as the metal box shakes. The newest group of experiments are being brought in, the 5th group in the 2nd year. Their bodies ache and arms burn from the tattoos burnt into their skin, each labeled with a bar code. A bright light greets them as they enter the dome and a small crowd stands there waiting.
@C_ssie @Art3Miss @Owertym @UltimaW @wildstyle103

OORP: you can choose if they are new or were there before.


OORP: You want some help with that?


ORP - @BrookieK Where should the medic (Morgan) Start off?


Drew Winters

My body was aching, and when I looked down I saw tattoos on my arm. I was dizzy and everything was hazy. I looked around confused where was I, I saw a group of people in front of me. When I looked to the side I noticed that I wasn’t the only one here. What in the world was going on I wondered.

ORP: approachable


Briar (Rose) Karaba
The new group of people enter, I feel bad because I doubt they know what they have been brought into.
And I, being the Keeper of the leaders, must head over and introduce them to our society.
I make my way over to the first person who is awake. I offer my hand so she can make her way down.
“welcome.” I smile “I’m Briar,”



I saw a girl approach me she looked around my age or a year or two younger than. I didn’t take the hand she offered, I didn’t know who this girl was for all I know she could be a murderer. “Um where the am I and who the hell are you” I cut straight to the point not caring how rude I may sound.



I place my hands on my hips sighing
“the dome. You are in the dome for the experiments.” i look around “Just like the rest of us”
As much as every new person did this it always annoyed me.
“And I already told you my name, what is yours?”



My mind was going crazy, dome, experiment, what the hell. I felt as if I was in another world or another dimension, “My name is Drew” I told her, she seemed like she had been here for a while might as well be nice to her so I can get more info.



“I know your probably mixed up right now. Just follow me,” I tell her turning towards a large brick building off to the left.
“There is some stuff for you to know, people to meet and things to do” i tell her and start off towards the building.



I nod at her and follow her, I didn’t like the fact that I had to follow her around like a lost puppy, but I sucked it up and followed her toward a building.



I head into a small room with a desk, around it were the other keepers and leaders.
“please sit be comfortable” I say smiling and sit in my seat
“Just so you know we do this with all new people, so first any questions. which you probably have but just… yeah”



I sit but I’m anything but comfortable, all I wanted was to be in my house. “So any questions I have I ask you or do I have to ask someone else” I was trying to be as calm as I could be but on the inside I wanted to freak out.



ORP: I just got back from school, what’s going on.


OORP: Briar (main leader) is taking the new group for a question and answer thing


ORP: Okay then what would a person do if they’re not part of the new group and have already been at the place?


I smile, “you can just as me until your first round, then you can ask the higher ups. Most things I can answer will be jobs and how thing work around here”

OORP: well i would say they are a keeper, or meeting new people.



“Well question number why am I here” I wondered if it was for all the mistakes I’ve made in the past my brother always said I’ll pay for them one way or another I wondered if this was my punishment.



“well… from what we know it has to do with a virus spreading over the world” I tell her thinking about everything the people told me



“I’m guessing they’re using us to experiment on our bodies to find a cure” I’ve heard about the virus but it never really affected anyone I knew, so it wasn’t on my mind for too long when I did think about it. “How long have you been here?”