The False Princess ~ Signups and Chat


Inspired by the book The False Prince

A few months ago, the royal family of Altaria including crown prince Maxim Leighton was mysteriously poisoned, leaving the King’s brother on the throne. Already, the people are outraged by the controversial decisions he has made on behalf of the kingdom and a civil war is on the edge of breaking out.

A noblewoman who goes by the name of Lady Corinne has a plan to bring peace to the kingdom, but not in a way you would think. She has taken 10 girls of the age of 18 from various orphanages across Altaria and brought them to her estate, each one of them a prospect to be a princess. One of these girls will fool the rest of the kingdom that she is the missing princess that hasn’t been seen in eight years. Little does Lady Corinne know that among them is the princess and true heir to the throne, and she’s intent on taking the throne back.

Welcome to the False Princess!
(Suuuuuper late, I know, but better late than never, right?) In this RP, each type of character (prospect, guard, staff, princess, etc) have a suggested goal as mentioned below. But as per the theme of this rp, some characters may have ulterior motives :wink: (wink wink, nudge nudge). Please read these before deciding which character you would like to make!


I can’t reveal much due to spoilers, but essentially your main goal is to convince Lady Corinne that you are meant to be on the Altarian throne. (Mainly because you’re the true heir, but you know.) With your family dead, you can’t risk having another girl - your imposter - on the throne… on your throne.


Your life just went from 0 to 100 in a blink of an eye; no more sleeping on the orphanage floor for you! With a warm comfy bed and delicious food every night at the estate, what more could you want? … Oh right, the throne. Convince Lady Corinne that you’re the right choice for the throne. Should you succeed, you’d have her as an advisor to help you with the whole ruling-your-own-kingdom thing, and you could take it easy as the Queen of Altaria! Turns out it might be harder than you thought though… Rumor has it among the prospects that the real princess lies among you…
But hey, even if you aren’t chosen, Lady Corinne will let you (or rather force you,) to stay at the estate so you won’t have to go back to the orphanage. (Can’t risk having word of a conspiracy getting out, can you?)


You just wanted more money and somehow you wounded up in Lady Corinne’s net of a conspiracy. Your job? Make sure the prospects and the Lady are safe; rumor has it that the rebels have had it with the hierarchy. Duchesses such as Lady Corinne included. It’s also your responsibility to make sure none of the prospects run away or reveal the plan to any outsiders. Even though their living situation is much better than before, they’re playing a dangerous game. Guess you should’ve read the fine print of your job description.


You’re essentially in the same boat as the guards; sure, the safety of the estate isn’t your responsibility, (lucky you,) but you’re still stuck in the web of a conspiracy that Lady Corinne is cooking up. Leaving isn’t an option; the duchess could have you killed and you need the money. Might as well make the most of it, right? You could help your favorite prospect to win the Lady’s favor. Either way, you’re stuck deep into the conspiracy, even if by association. Fun.

I’m pretty sure that’s it, but then again I’m new to this whole starting-my-own rp thing and am probably forgetting something. So make sure if you have any questions, don’t forget to tag me!



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can i reserve a princess?
wait - if i have this wrong (i think i do) can i reserve a prospect?


Just give me one of each. Four characters like always


This sounds fun. May I reserve for a Prospect, a Guard, and a Staff?


Could I reserve a prospect, please?


Reserve for a Guard! :grin:


Sure everyone! ^-^

@Ella @ScarletSwanHunter @Etherwalker @theother51 @oorgeloop


Thank you! When do we need to submit the google form?


Preferably by September 6. I’ll move the date if it’s too soon


Gotcha. One more question, why are there prospects if there’s a princess? Why isn’t the princess the queen?

Or is the princess the character that gets chosen by you out of the prospects?


@Briar.R If I may ask, what is Lady Corinne’s personality? Does Lady Corinne have an ulterior motive? Also, is there any other important character other than Lady Corinne?


Ooooh, good question!


Lady Corinne doesn’t know the real princess is among the prospects, she just thinks she chose a bunch of random orphan girls for her conspiracy. The real princess went missing 8 years ago and because the rest of the royal family now dead, she’s the only heir to the throne. I can’t really say how the real princess wound up in an orphanage because spoilers, but I hope that cleared something up!

(Also, yes I’ll be chosing the princess randomly from the prospects)


Reserve for a prospect


Lady Corinne’s a wise woman; intelligent and calculating. Sure, she has all of these girls for her plan, but nonetheless she has a heart; she plans on letting them stay in her estate even if she may not choose them.
As for ulterior motive, she plans on being an ‘advisor’ to the prospect she chooses to ‘guide them’ if they manage to wind up on the throne. All in all though, she wants to stop the civil war from happening. She’s patriotic.
Also, what do you mean by ‘important character?’ The prospects are the main characters, but since rp hasnt started yet, who knows who’ll be one.




In the sign ups, what does it mean by ‘what pronouns would they prefer.’
(i know what pronouns are btw)


Can I reserve for a prospect and a guard please?


What would they like to be called? So she or he or they?