The Fashion Realm || Official Roleplay


Emily Rodriguez

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the brand new show, The Fashion Realm, a show where twenty-four contestants design the best clothes possible according to the theme! Our contestants are all arriving now in their private limos provided by our producers! Let’s explain how this show works before we go and talk to them!

For two weeks, our twelve contestants will have some time to roam around the hotel, get to know each other, and all that jazz. Then, we finally start the design challenges! Sunday, the only day of each week the contestants will have to rest. Then, on Monday, the challenge theme is revealed and contestants will have the time to brainstorm. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, you will design the clothing piece fitting the theme. On Friday, you will the show the judges your design. Contestants will be able to vote which one they like best to help the judges narrow down their options. The judges will then announce the winner on Saturday, and the three people who may be going home. Our contestants will vote who will be eliminated. The process will keep continuing until week 11. Week 11 is when there are three contestants left, and these are the contestants who will receive the harder challenges. The winner will be revealed soon after. The grand prize is to be the assistant of Madame Louise and win $500,000! Who will win?!

Let’s start with talking to our contestants!

End of Prologue

Fashion Realm is an RP based around fashion. Twenty-four contestants (twelve roleplayers) have applied to be on the show and have made it. There are some simple rules to follow, so let’s get to 'em!


  1. Note that your characters’ every moves are being watched and/or followed by a camera. The only privacy you’ll get is staying in your hotel room or using the bathroom.
  2. Falling in love is not allowed. This show is meant for designing fashion, and is not a lovey dovey show. You are allowed to have secret romances, but if one of the cameras see, it’s an automatic elimination.
  3. If you’re eliminated, you can still stay in the hotel and your character is still playable.
  4. Sabotage is allowed, but if seen, is an automatic elimination.
  5. No god-modding!
  6. You must be active, if you’re gonna be inactive for a long time, notify me first.
  7. Please, write at least a paragraph. Put some thought into your response!
  8. Please, please, please use ORPs when writing out of your character. This annoys me so much and I don’t wanna see much of it either.


Hotel Map


Louisana Waller

She opened the door of the limo and ran her fingers through her hair. She slightly removed her shades to look at the hotel’s exterior. This should be fun, she thought. She walked out of the limo and stepped aside for Mádamé Louisé to step out.

ORP: @epi.alyssaa


Madame Louise

She stepped out of the limo and put her hand on Louisana’s shoulder. She coldly smiled at Louisana and signaled the driver to get their baggage. The driver quickly got out their luggages and pulled up the handles for them to roll it. She started walking towards the entrance up to Emily.

Emily Rodriguez

"Madame Louise, great to see you once again!"She says, smiling and shaking her hand. Emily and Louise have worked together before and were happy to see each other again. She opened the door for her and Louise walked in.

ORP: @allyy20


She stepped out of the limo and onto the stairs to look at the fancy hotel and think to herself, I shouldn’t have even gone here, What was I thinking? Zoe then took a deep breath and calmed herself down. Happy thoughts, Zoe, happy thoughts…


Faye Veeh

I stepped out of the limo to look at the wonderful view of the hotel. First a private limo, then a fancy hotel? Could this get any better? I gaped at how big the hotel was and excitedly walked inside it. I did a little happy dance in her head, seeing as I’ve made it this far to even stand a chance to be a designing assistant of the Madame Louise!

Juan Sánchez

I swiftly stepped out of his private limo and started looking around. Not bad, not bad at all. I gave myself a satisfied smile before ‘cooly’ walking into the hotel. I took a deep breath before thinking, “This is for you, Mamá.”

ORP: Faye is approachable, i guess? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::revolving_hearts:


Allandra Predetti

Allandra flipped down her sunglasses from the top of her head as she stepped out of the limousine. She took in the hotel. This will work, she thought.

ORP: Approachable

Jason Predetti

Jason strutted down the walk after exiting the limo. Sweet, he thought. Allandra will be so overwhelmed by the competition she won’t be able to focus on the competition.


Talia Rivers
I stepped out of the limo in pure awe. Oh my goodness this is probably the best day ever! First a limousine and then this hotel. Am I dreaming!? I walked into the hotel and nearly died from all of the excitement. Everybody back home is going to be so jealous. Now I wonder where everybody else is?

ORP: Approachable

Drew Woods
Wow that limo was nice! I haven’t been in a limo since senior prom, five years ago. I walked into the hotel and I looked around trying to find somebody else. There has to be some pretty girls around here somewhere.

ORP: Approachable


She quickly grabbed her luggage from the driver and walked over to the hotel.”Wait for me!”She says, panting.

ORP: @epi.alyssaa


Madame Louise

"My my, dear, now you won’t behave that way around here, correct?"She says, crossing her arms."I hope you don’t, otherwise I haven’t taught you well."She says, lifting Louisana’s chin."I’ll be running some errands, and I’ll see you soon."She says, kissing Louisana’s forehead and walking away.



She sighed as her aunt walked away. She sat on a couch in the lobby as she waited for the others to arrive.

ORP: @Littlefeets Drew could approach Louisana.


I stepped out of the limo and looked around me. Wow, this is really beautiful. Around the hotel were beautiful roses and other assorted flowers. The hotel itself was extremely tall and very modern. It had glass windows all around it and it was a dark grayish marble on the outside. “This is beautiful!” I exclaimed.

I got out of the limo and straightened my tie on the suit that I designed and made myself. I looked around me at the beautiful scenery and grand hotel. “Not bad, not bad.” I murmured, making my way towards the hotel.

OOC: Both are approachable


Drew Woods
I walked into the lobby and saw a pretty girl sitting on the couch. So I figured I would go talk to her. I ran my fingers through my hair and walked over to her. “Hey there beautiful. What’s your name?” Then I thought, I probably shouldn’t be flirting, but I guess the next few weeks will probably be the last chance for me to do it before I have to act fully responsible.

ORP: @allyy20 I didn’t see your comment until just now. I was eating dinner.


Faye Veeh

With a big smile on my face, I excitedly walked around the hotel, eager to explore it. I saw a door near the back so I cautiously pushed it open, hoping that I wasn’t intruding anyone. Holy Cheeseballs. “A SWIMMING POOL?” I squealed before quickly sitting on one of the chairs surrounding the pool.

ORP: Faye is at the swimming pool and Juan is near the entrance doorway if anyone wants to approach them. :wink:


I took a deep breath and stepped into the hotel, woah it’s beautiful…I see a guy next to the doorway and wave to him, “Hello I’m Claudia.”


Juan Sánchez

I turned my head to face a girl. “Can I help you, preciosa?” I raised an eyebrow at her and smirked before giving her a little bow in instinct. Ah, it wouldn’t hurt to bend the rules a little, no? I gave myself a little nod of approval before turning my attention back to Claudia.

ORP: preciosa means beautiful in spanish if i’m not wrong. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: @Wingsoffire



I should go check out the hotel, I thought. As I wandered towards front doors, I noticed all these people wearing their suits and cocktail dresses. And I’m wearing a sleeveless maxi dress. Eh. This shows off my style when I’m not working.

ORP: Approachable, is in the lobby btw!

**Jason: **

Wow. I didn’t know this many people were in the competition, I thought. Probably should’ve paid more attention to the rules. Oh well! I went up to my room, ready to change and go for a swim. After I changed, I went to the pool for a swim.

ORP: Approachable, is at the pool


Faye Veeh

I saw a guy near the pool, already in his swimsuit. I should probably introduce myself. I huffed, thinking about how I’ll have to get out of my comfortable position to meet a stranger. Is it really worth it? Ignoring my own question, I willingly stood up from my chair and walked over to this mysterious stranger in his swim wear. “Hey there! I’m Faye, what’s your name?” I forced out a smile as I put my hand forward to shake.

ORP: Jason^ @annaclaire721


I tilt my head, put my hands in my hips and say “Yeah…what’re you doing just standing at the door by yourself?”

I’m lost. I have no clue where I am in this monstrous hotel. Ahead I see a girl, I approach her and say, “Hey…do you have any idea where we are?”



I noticed this cute girl walking over to me. She asked me my name, and I replied “Jason.” I should have some fun before I can’t have any relationships, so I’m gonna keep talking.

ORP: @Krokoro


“Hey, do you know where we are?” “From what I can tell, we’re in the lobby. By the way, my name’s Allandra. What’s yours?” I leaned back onto the column I was standing by.

ORP: @Wingsoffire

ORP: Where do I go to share roleplay ideas?


“Brayden” I hold out my hand, “And thank you, by the way.” I smile